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Russian Culture – Russia Day in Russia

On June 12th of each year, the Russians celebrate a holiday known as Russia Day. This National holiday of the Russian Federation marks the approval of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet that took place on June 12, 1990.

The holiday was initiated on June 12, 1992 in remembrance of this momentous occasion. It symbolized the fight for democracy against the communism that was dominant in Russia at the time.

The national interest in economic reform formed the democratic movement for change. People responded to this new idea and the Russian statehood was consolidated to reflect a new constitution and a new President of the Russian Federation.

This was a great landmark reached and so the Russians celebrated this milestone in their political life and called it Russia Day. December 25, 1991 marked a new day for Russia as the country’s name was changed as the Supreme Soviet of Russian announced the beginning of a National holiday.

Russia Day is a reflection of the country’s past and its present as most country’s holiday do. It celebrates the culture of Russia as well as the experiences that brought the country to this point.

Previously, the holiday was known as Russian Independence Day, but was soon changed to Russia Day in 2002 as the people of Russia struggled to understand from whom they had derived their Independence even though it was said to have been from the Soviet Union.

The Russians saw this day as a day off from their normal life of going to work and doing other things. They viewed their status as a nation that has always been a Russian State despite the different name changes. There are some that see this as the day that their government had crumbled under pressure. Some remembered it as a time of social disorder and economic difficulties.

There are some who embrace it and enjoy the day of track and field that is held on the exterior of the Kremlin. On that day, the President of Russia gives away achievement awards in Science and Culture.

There are activist that use this day as an opportunity to protest against environmental issues. It symbolizes something different for everyone.