Get 40% off with the Now or Never sale. Hurry! Ends soon!
Get 40% off with the Now or Never sale. Hurry! Ends soon! Blog
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Christmas Countdown Campaign – The Faster You Act, The Bigger the Reward!

Picture this. You’re out holiday shopping. You see a sign for 10% OFF. You feel like you’re getting a really good deal, so you rush into the store and make your purchase. You’re a happy customer.

2 days later…

You’re out holiday shopping again. You pass by the same store, and the sale sign doesn’t just catch your eye, it punches you in the face! 20% OFF! You’re not such a happy customer.

Sound familiar?

We’ve all experienced it. You buy something at a low price just to see it selling at a lower one the next day. Now the good deal we got suddenly doesn’t seem so good anymore. And you know what? It didn’t seem fair.

In fact, we think responsible people who act early should be rewarded.
So…we came up with the Reverse Countdown.

Now you maybe thinking, “What? What’s that?”

Well, the short answer is BIG savings for people who take advantage early.

Here’s how it works:

Starting today (12/17/2008), you have a chance to take advantage of our Christmas Countdown Campaign! Today you’ll save 20% OFF any basic or premium subscription… but tomorrow, you’ll be losing out, because it’ll be 19% off. The day after that, it’ll be 18% off. And it’ll keep going down 1% each day that follows.

The faster you act, the bigger the savings!

December 17th – 20% off any basic or premium subscription.
December 18th – 19% off any basic or premium subscription.
December 19th – 18% off any basic or premium subscription.
December 20th – 17% off any basic or premium subscription.
(SUBTRACT 1% for each day that follows)

So with the Reverse Countdown, the earlier you buy, the bigger the reward – Guaranteed! And for the first time this holiday season, you can be 100% sure the first deal will be the best deal!

Shop assured you’re getting the best deal this holiday season at

Use the following coupon code to redeem your 20% OFF, but hurry!
This offer is only valid for 24hours, and the clock is already running.

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Happy Holidays!