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Here we report typos and errors!

Posted: March 13th, 2009 3:23 pm
by PianoMed
I hereby suggest that we who use this wonderful site contribute to making it even better by reporting the typos and errors we find, while using it. In my view, this is really the least we can do for the kind people who are providing this service to us at such a small cost! (Hi there... I'm maxiewawa, the moderator. I hope you don't mind if I add something here, it will help us to work out what's been fixed. For the record, I think this is great, and it's a great help to us. Spaciba!)

To get everyone started, I begin by providing such feedback for one of the lessons, as an example.

- - -

Errors found in vocabulary list with audio to "Survival Phrases # 16 - Counting 2":

* Slow reading of cardinal number "70" is the same as the slow reading of cardinal number "60". (done)

* Reading of cardinal number "30" is missing altogether (neither full speed nor slow). (done)

* Both the full speed and "slow" reading of cardinal number "19" are actually at full speed. (done)

* The word "number" is missing on three rows. (done)

* In the comment in the footer, the second comma should be removed, "in" should be replaced with "into", and "each word" could perhaps be replaced with "it".

- - -

The final remark applies to all the "audio vocabulary lists" that I have inspected thus far.

It is my hope that the webmasters will find this compilation helpful; let me know in this thread if more such feedback is desired, as it could potentially be promptly provided, to some extent.

Best regards from Malmoe, Sweden,
(Spaciba, thank you and tack sa mycket from everyone at!)


Posted: March 14th, 2009 9:09 pm
by PianoMed
Here is another error:

In the Surival Phrase section, lesson no. 7 has been posted after lesson no. 18, rather than after no. 6!

Thus, when you press "next lesson" after Survival Phrase lesson no. 6, you end up on lesson no. 8, feeling rather confused.

Posted: March 16th, 2009 11:59 pm
by Keith
Thanks for reporting these :) We're always grateful when our listeners help us out ;)

These should be fixed soon. Thanks!

Posted: March 17th, 2009 10:39 am
by maxiewawa
Tack sa mycket!

Posted: March 17th, 2009 8:15 pm
by PianoMed
Hello there!

Great that the effort is appreciated!

I just took a look at a new section with material and now report the errors I found.

= = =

Newbie S1 L4 - Expansion section (premium content):

*The recording of "My name is Alexander." is actually "Her name is Natalia."
(*No recording, at all, has been posted of the former.)
*After the line with "to eat", only one single link (of 15 links) to recorded sound actually works; nothing happens when you press those links.
(*Many of the sample sentences, and English words, have no links to recorded sound - is this a bug, or have no such recording been made?)
(*Romanization of Russian sample sentences, or the new words listed, provided only in a few cases.)

Posted: March 17th, 2009 10:48 pm
by PianoMed
Errors for Survival Phrases # 24 ("Directions"):

* The "Line by Line Audio Transcript" has no audio at all!
* Both recordings (fast and slow) for the expression "go straight" missing in the "Vocabulary list with Audio"! (done)
* None of the "syllable-by-syllable" recordings are such, in the "Vocabulary list with Audio"; either they are full-speed renderings, or spoken at slightly slower speed. (done)

Posted: March 17th, 2009 11:05 pm
by PianoMed
Errors for Survival Phrases # 17 ("How much?"):

* Regarding the "Line by Line Audio Transcript": It has no audio at all!
* Regarding the recordings in the "Vocabulary List with Audio": (1) Not one single syllable-by-syllable recording is to be found, even though this is claimed on the bottom of the screen; (2) The recordings that are available are either both at full speed (so that the pronunciations found under the "fast" and "slow" buttons are both fast), or the "slow" recording is even faster (!) than the fast recording. (done, except "How much does it cost?")

(Further comment: The "Expansion Section" actually has only two expressions, which is less than in the vocabulary list; also, both expressions are already in the vocabulary list, so this is no "expansion".)

Posted: March 17th, 2009 11:19 pm
by PianoMed
Errors for Survival Phrases # 10 ("I'm sorry"):

* Regarding the "Line by Line Audio Transcript" (that contains ONE SINGLE WORD): It has no audio at all!
* In the recorded lesson (MP3), and the review (MP3), there are _two_ expressions ("I am sorry." and "It's nothing.") - but ONE SINGLE WORD appears both in the "audio transcript" (with no audio) and in the vocabulary list. Thus, only in the PDF file for this lesson (that I cannot see with my trial membership, as I have opened my 10 PDF:s already), hopefully, will the learner find out how "It's nothing." is written in Russian!
* Regarding the recordings in the "Vocabulary List with Audio": For the single (!) word to be found there ("I am sorry" in Russian), no syllable-by-syllable recording is offered, even though this is claimed on the bottom of the screen - and even though the recorded lesson (MP3) does include such a syllable-by-syllable breakdown (to which a link could have been easily provided).

Posted: March 17th, 2009 11:36 pm
by PianoMed
Errors for Survival Phrases # 11 ("Restaurant 1"):

* Regarding the "Line by Line Audio Transcript" (that includes only "non-smoking" and "smoking is prohibited"): It has no audio at all!

* In both the recorded lesson (MP3) and the review (MP3), there are _more_ expressions (like "Is that one over there free?") than what appears both in the "audio transcript" (with no audio) and in the vocabulary list. The only thing provided in the latter two are "smoking is prohibited" and "non-smoking"! Thus, if the remaining expressions are not found in the (single) PDF for this lesson - that I cannot open - the learner will not find out how to write those other expressions in Russian.

Posted: March 18th, 2009 12:13 am
by PianoMed
Errors in Survival Phrases # 19 - "Riding the Bus".

The only thing (!) found in the transcript, vocabulary list and audio review (MP3; just 23 seconds long) is:

"Will this bus go to Department store?" (Sic!)

Thus, "ticket collector" etc. from the recorded lesson (MP3) are all missing!

Also, most will need to be able to say more than "Will this bus go to..." after climbing on a bus and so I find this lesson more than a little bit short (like many others, that present only one or two sentences). After all, this is the only lesson offered that deals with riding the bus. ("What is the next stop?", "How long does it take to get to the stop...?", "Do you only take coins?" and several others are also vital "survival phrases" on a bus.)

Further, in the "Expansion Section", there is not one single sentence about busses and bus travel; some mistake must have been made, here. The three sentences in this section - none of which has been recorded - are: "We don't like this house.”; “Have you seen this film?” (informal); “Can you give me this film?”. All non-related to bus travel.

Posted: March 19th, 2009 4:52 am
by PianoMed
I just spent a few hours with the Survival Phrases, again. For the benefit of this site, I report some of the errors I encountered, as well as provide, at the end, a few comments for certain of these lessons. This will not cover everything I saw, but correcting what is listed below will still improve the situation.

Actually, I should receive at least a free premium subscription for one year, for this effort - don't you think?

= = =

A. "Line by Line Audio Transcript" actually has no audio (!): SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4, SP5, SP6, SP7, SP8, SP9, SP10, SP11, SP12, SP13, SP14, SP17, SP18, SP19, SP20, SP21, SP22, SP23, SP24, SP25.

B. Regarding the "Vocabulary List with Audio":

*No syllable-by-syllable reading available (i.e. no "button"), or is exactly the same recording as the fast reading, or is exactly the same speed as the fast reading: SP1: "I am grateful to you.", SP5 (with two exceptions), SP10, SP14: "Thank You".

*Syllable-by-syllable recording is actually just a little bit slower (i.e. not syllable-by-syllable, as advertised): SP6[DONE], SP7 [DONE], SP8 [DONE], SP9 [DONE], SP14 [DONE](with one exception), SP18: "How much is that?", SP20 (some cases), SP22 (two last lines), SP25.

*"Slow" recording even faster than the fast recording: SP18: "How much does it cost?", SP23: first line.

*Misc: *One sentence not recorded at all in SP12 [DONE], SP13[DONE}, SP14, SP16, SP21.
*Misc: Slow recording of "60" and "70" are the same in SP16.
*Misc: "Sentence" misspelled in SP1.
*Misc: "See you later" on two lines in SP5.
*Misc: In SP20, it is claimed that "First class", "Second class", "Third class" are, respectively, "phrase", "noun", and "adjective"...
*Misc: First two sentences in SP20 are read only slowly, i.e. no full-speed reading available.

- - -

Very little material covered

*One single word or sentence in the transcript and vocabulary list: SP6, SP8, SP10.

*Just two words or sentences in the transcript and vocabulary list: SP1 (one in transcript, two in vocabulary list), SP2 (one in transcript, two in vocabulary list), SP7, SP11.

*SP3: "Please", "this", "that" is all that appears in the vocabulary list with (yet without) audio, and "please" is all that appears in the transcript. One single word will not equip you for dealing with making kind requests in varied situations.

- - -

*Misc: SP2 has the title "You are Welcome!" - but the translation of this into Russian is absent in both the transcript and vocabulary list!

Posted: March 19th, 2009 6:28 am
by PianoMed
Some "random findings":

B_S1_L7: "How much does it cost?" is faster in "slow" version.

B_S2_L1: Last sentence of first line in the transcript has not been recorded.

B_S2_L1, B_S2_L2: Uneven audio level in the vocabulary - some much louder than others. Adjust the sound level.

AAB_2: Vocabulary list (all of it) very much louder than, for instance, the SP:s. Might damage your speakers (or ears) if you go from SP to AAB_2. Adjust the sound level.

Posted: March 20th, 2009 4:46 am
by PianoMed
Errors etc. found in miscellaneous "Expansion with Audio" sections, this afternoon:

"Expansion with Audio" for B_S1_15: In several cases, the vocabulary item appears in a second sentence, that have not been recorded.

"Expansion with Audio" for SP2: The single expression that appears is "It's nothing" (where you forgot the English recording). However, the single additional (i.e. "expansion") sentence is "Are you an American?" - with no connection to the expression being exemplified. (Also, "Please" appears in the vocabulary list, and should thus be also in the expansion. It's missing. (Finally, given that the lesson is called "You're Welcome!", the Russian expression for that would be welcome in the vocabulary list, transcript and expansion.)

"Expansion with Audio" for SP4: Neither of the two expansion sentences (for the single vocabulary item that appears) have been recorded. (Also, it should be explained how "Hello!" and "How are you?" can correspond to the same Russian word, apparently.)

"Expansion with Audio" for SP12: The one single expansion sentence (for the single vocabulary item that appears) has not been recorded.

"Expansion with Audio" for SP14: This lesson is called "Restaurant 4." However, only "Excuse me" and "Thank you" appear here, with only example sentence each, of which only one has been recorded. Also, the English recording of one item is missing. Perhaps worst, however, is that these two words, unrelated to restaurants, have already been introduced in previous units.

"Expansion with Audio" for SP17 and SP18 are identical, i.e. the same page!

"Expansion with Audio" for SP19 (with the single word "this") has no recorded sound at all!

"Expansion with Audio" for SP21 has no recording of the word itself, isolated (nor the English translation).

Since my trial membership runs out in just a few hours, I will not, regrettably, be able to supply more comments.

Posted: June 8th, 2009 3:48 am
by RavinDave
Beginner Lesson S1 #4 - And Just Where in Russia Have You Been?

.pdf says:

Он работает в банке. “I work in a bank.”