RussianPod101 Pronunciation Curriculum 

In this 5-lesson series, you will learn the very basics of Russian pronunciation. We break down all the sounds to make it easy for you to master Russian pronunciation!

Lesson Title Topic Function Summary
#1 General Overview Basic Pronunciation Learning general facts of Russian Pronunciation General Overview of Russian Pronunciation
#2 Vowels Vowels Learning what sounds the vowels make Ordinary Vowels (-a, -у, -и, -o, -ы, and -э)
Diphthong Vowels (-e, -ё, -ю, and -я)
#3 Russian Consonants Consonants Learning what sounds the consonants make Consonants -м, -н, -в, -з, -г, -с, -ф, -ч, and -ж
Consonants -б, -д, -т, -п, -к, -р, -л, -х, -ш, and -щ
Consonant -Й / -Ь (soft sign) and -Ъ (hard sign)
#4 Basic Russian Pronunciation Rules Pronunciation rules Learning about Basic Pronunciation Rules for Russian Word stress, Changing vowels, Soft consonants, Voiced and unvoiced consonants, Exceptions
#5 Russian Pronunciation Quiz Quiz Checking your understanding of Russian Pronunciation Tests to see how Much You Know about Russian Pronunciation.