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Russian Culture

We are all familiar with the aspects of Russian culture that make Russia famous. From their incredible arts to Olympic athletes, it is no small wonder that Russia is home to almost 150 million people! Of those, you might be interested to know that only about 80% of them speak the Russian language! In addition, there are said to be in excess of 160 ethnic groups that speak almost 100 languages in Russia, talk about cultural diversity.

Russian culture runs rampant throughout the many generations of Russians that have come and gone as Russians are incredibly proud of their heritage, having gone through many hardships and still come out to be a thriving world-renowned superpower.

If you ever took a literature course in high school, then you will probably be all too familiar with the Red Square, a place that is subject of several works of fiction (and non-fiction) due to its highly controversial place in Russian culture.

The Red Square is quite literally the center of Moscow, as you can reach all parts of the city from the major arteries that originate in the Square. If you’ve ever watched the Disney classic, Anastasia, then you may have gazed upon the infamous Saint Petersburg.

Russia is rich with folklore, which comes from the pagan beliefs of old. In fact, most Russian fairy tales are an offshoot of this centuries old folklore and have been transformed into movies. It is often thought that Russian literature is among the most influential in the world with authors like Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace & Anna Karenina) and Fydor Dostoyevsky (Crime and Punishment) calling Russia home.

Russia is not only known for its excellence in the arts, but also for its contribution to the global economy. You may be surprised to know that a large percentage of the electricity and oil that we use comes from Russia, heating and lighting our homes around the world.

A large part of the Russian culture is learning How to speak Russian, which can be difficult if your primary language is English, or if you have no background on the subject. In order to successfully learn Russian, immerse yourself in the culture, educate yourself on prominent political figures and stare, awestruck at the beauty of the famous Russian architecture that is smattered throughout the country.