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Lesson Transcript

Hello and welcome to Russian Survival Phrases. This course is designed to equip you with the language skills and knowledge to enable you to get the most out of your visit to Russia. So join us for Russian Survival phrases. You will be surprised at how far a little Russian will go.
In today's lesson, we'll cover some high frequency adjectives to help you express yourself in various situations.
In Russian, “It's delicious” is “Eta ochen' fkusna”. Eta ochen' fkusna. Let`s break it down by syllable: E-ta o-chen' fkus-na. Now, let`s hear it once again: Eta ochen' fkusna.
The first word is “eta” means “this”. Let`s break down this word and hear it one more time: e-ta and eta. This is followed by “ochen`” which in English is “very”: o-chen` and ochen`. The next word is “fkusna” which in English is “tasty”: fkus-na and fkusna. So, altogether we have “Eta ochen' fkusna”. Literally, this means “This very tasty”. Despite the expression “ochen' fkusna” literally means “very tasty“ in English.
Now, let's go over some other adjectives that you can use with the pattern just introduced. Let`s try “hot”, in Russian - garyacheye.
“It's hot” in Russian is “Eta garyacheye”. E-ta ga-rya-che-ye. Eta garyacheye. The word for “hot“ is “garyacheye”: ga-rya-che-ye and garyacheye.
Yet, you should remember that the dictionary form of the word “hot“ is garyachiy.
In our expression, we use it as the definition of the dish temperature status, hence, it takes the form close to the gender of the word “dish” or blyuda in Russian. Blyuda ends with -o- showing the neuter gender. The adjective “hot” or garyacheye in Russian ended with -e-.
The same happens to the adjectives below:
“It is cold” - Eta khalodnaye.
“It is near” - Eta bliska.
“It is far” - Eta daleko.
“It is cute” - Eta kharoshen'kae.
“She's pretty” - Ana kharoshen'kaya.
“She's beautiful” - Ana krasivaya.
“It is beautiful” - Eta krasivaye or krasiva.
You use the latter in case of describing opinion about view, thing, etc. It literally means “beautiful”.
Now, let's take about the negative.
In Russian, “It is not delicious“ is “Eta ne fkusna”. Eta ne fkusna. Let`s break it down by syllable: E-ta ne fkus-na. The negation is formed by “ne”, “ne” and “ne” which always is in front of the adjective.
Russians express their attitude in different ways. When they want to sound out “It is beautiful” they say “Ooo!” with deep and shocking intonation, often stretching their face down. After such an expression, they can say “klasna”, which in English means “cool” or create OK figure of fingers or just show a thumb and make strange face. When they do not like something, they usually twist lips or face like bricks if nothing is happening. When something is extremely hot and they burned themselves extreme bad words or its nice variations explode the atmosphere. Of course, Russians will never use such words in conversations as it is considered to be a bad manner. But in case of shocking astonishment this side of Russian language can interfere the monologue.
To close out today`s lesson we'd like for you to practice what we`d just learnt. I will provide you with the English equivalent of the phrase and you are responsible for saying it aloud. You'll have a few seconds before I`ll give you the answer. Udachi! That means “good luck”! Ok, here we go!
It's delicious…….Eta ochen' fkusna
It's hot……..Eta garyacheye
It is not delicious…….Eta ne fkusna
Alright, that's going to do for today. See you tomorrow, which in Russian is da zaftra!

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