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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Hello you [Привет] and welcome to Russian weekly words with me Katyusha and let’s learn some Russian words. And our topic is hygiene actions. Wow, so the first word is [бриться - britsa] - “shave” - [бриться - britsa]. Well, the guys do that every day right, I mean almost every day. [Я не люблю бриться. - Ya ne lyublyu britsa ] - “I don’t like shaving”. [Мне не надо бриться. - Mne ne nada britsa] - “I don’t need to shave.” I don’t know.
Our next word is [принимать ванну - prinimat' vannu]- “take a bath”, “to bath”, yeah [принимать ванну - prinimat' vannu]. [принимать - prinimat`] means “take”, “take something” and “bath” is [ванна -vanna]. Okay we also mentioned about it in our previous like topic about rooms, so check it out. “I like to take long bath.” - [Я люблю принимать ванну долго. - Ya lyublyu prinimat' vannu dolga.] “Just take a bath and relax” - [Прими ванну и отдохни. - Primi vannu i addakhni.]
[сушить - sushyt`] - “blow dry”, “dry something”, dry your hair, right. “I’d like to dry my hair with a blow dryer” - [Я хочу высушить волосы феном. - Ya khachu vysushit' volasy fenam. ] [сушить - sushyt`] anything. You can also dry something else like your “dry your socks” - [Сушить носки - Sushit' naski. ] or “dry your nails” - [Сушить ногти. - Sushit' nokti.]
[умываться - umyvatsa] - “wash”, wash your face. If it’s English, you can say wash anything, wash dishes, wash your I don’t know like bag, shoes but in Russian [умываться - umyvatsa] means only your face. Wash your own face. [умываться - umyvatsa]. “You should wash your face with cold water” - [Тебе стоит умываться холодной водой. - Tebe stoit umyvat'sya khalodnay vodoy.].
Anyway, the next word is [чистить - chistit`] - “brush”. In Russian, [чистить - chistit`] means also clean something. It’s not only brush. [Мне нужно почистить ковер. - Mne nuzhna pachistit' kaver.] - “I need to clean my carpet” just to get rid of dirt. That’s what the meaning of [чистить - chistit`]. The end. So it was hygiene actions topic and so I hope you could remember few things. I hope it was interesting for you and maybe you can – we can meet again in the other session whatever the topic is going to be about. Very exciting to see you next time and [Пока - пока Paka-paka]


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