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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Hi everyone, how are you? I hope you are well and welcome to Russian weekly words with me, Katyusha. Let’s have a look what kind of topic we are going to be talking about. So every time, it is a different one. So it’s very exciting for me and for you I hope. My magic movements and the topic will be “medicine” [Лекарство - lekarstva].
First one is [аспирин - aspirin] - “Aspirin”. In Russian, it is [аспирин - aspirin] and English, just Aspirin. [Когда у меня болит голова, я пью аспирин. - Kagda u menya balit galava, ya p'yu aspirin.] - “When I have a headache, I have Aspirin”.
And the next word is [вакцина - vaktsyna] - “vaccine”. We might have it at like at hospital or somewhere and it was cool because we would just keep the lesson and just go to like nurse and get some vaccine, skip studying. It was exciting, nice memories Katyusha. So, [вакцина - vaktsyna]. “I like my baby to get a vaccine.” - [Я бы хотел, чтобы моему ребёнку сделали вакцину. - Ya by khatel, shtoby mayemu rebyonku zdelali vaktsinu.]
Next word is [лекарство - lekarstva ]. Basically it is a topic of our conversation with medicine. [Пожалуйста, дайте мне лекарство, я плохо себя чувствую. - Pazhalusta, dayte mne lekarstva, ya plokha sebya chuvstvuyu] - “Please give me medicine, I feel bad, I feel sick”. “Give me medicine” - [Дайте мне лекарство. - Dayte mne lekarstva.]
Yes, sometimes you just kind of feel bad when you suddenly have a headache or some kind of fever, you go to hospital and you get [рецепт - retsept] - “prescription”. In Russia, there is a saying you know, when people think that they know what they need like sometimes you don’t really need to go to hospital for just cold medicine and so because like all the grandmas, they have their own prescription like you have to do this or that and they basically seem to go into hospital it’s useless unless it’s a really, really big problem or sickness. So I didn’t go to hospital many times and I am still alive. [Я не могу купить лекарство без рецепта. - Ya ne magu kupit' lekarstva bez retsepta.] - “I cannot get this medicine without prescription.”
Okay next word is [сироп от кашля - sirop at kashlya] - “cough syrup”, coughing, right, coughing syrup. The syrup that is for coughing. So the syrup from coughing, we would say [сироп от кашля - sirop at kashlya]. “In winter, I always take cough syrup with me” - [Зимой я всегда беру с собой сироп от кашля. - Zimoy ya fsegda beru s saboy sirop at kashlya.] [сироп от кашля - sirop at kashlya] is a good thing to carry with you and this is the end. It’s good to know about medicine, about [Лекарство - lekarstva] and some diseases we talked about before but you know, I hope you are getting well. You are well and you will be well and we will see you next time with Russian weekly words again. So see you next time, [Пока-пока paka-paka].