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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Hello everyone [привет] and welcome to Russian weekly words and my name is Katyusha. We are going to start today with a new topic which is going to be... “in your wallet”. [Что у тебя в кошельке? - Shto u tebya f kashel`ke?] - “What’s in your wallet?”.
If you are a businessman or businesswoman, you probably have a [визитная карточка - vizitnaya kartachka] - “business card”. [визитная карточка - vizitnaya kartachka]. It’s strange it kind of sounds like visiting, right? Like if you want to visit me, you have to use [визитная карточка - vizitnaya kartachka] I guess. “Give me your business card” - [Дайте мне свою визитную карточку. - Dayte mne svayu vizitnuyu kartachku.] Oh my god, it sounds so long.
Next word is very useful. I am sure most of you had it in your wallet. So it’s [кредитная карточка - kreditnaya kartachka] - it’s a “credit card” of course. “I am going to go shopping and use my credit card”. - [Сегодня я пойду по магазинам и использую кредитную карточку. - Sevodnya ya paydu pa magazinam i ispol'zuyu kreditnuyu kartachku.]. “Where is my credit card?” - [Где моя кредитка? - Gde maya kreditka?].
Next word is [купон - kupon] which is “coupon”, right. So I don’t have many in my wallet. To be honest, I have none but if you want to have like some kind of discount in the restaurant or café, you can always use coupon. “Can I use my coupon?” - [Можно я использую купон? - Mozhna ya ispol'zuyu kupon?].
Next word is [наличные деньги - nalichnyye den'gi] and in English, it’s just “cash”. [наличные деньги - nalichnyye den'gi]. [Деньги - den`gi] is “money” but to be honest, we usually say [наличка - nalichka] to make it shorter. [Я плачу наличкой. - Ya plachu nalichkay.] - “I pay cash”. We can just put it in the pocket.
Next one is [читательский билет - chitatel'skiy bilet]. How many of you in your wallet have a library card. Sorry, I am laughing. Maybe you do have it. Of course if you go to library, you need a [читательский билет - chitatel'skiy bilet] to read. [Читать - chitat`] is “read”. [Сегодня я иду в библиотеку и мне нужен читательский билет. - Sevodnya ya idu v biblioteku i mne nuzhen chitatel'skiy bilet.] - “Tomorrow I am going to library. So I need my library card.” Also I just find out that this is the end of our word session for today but I am sure some of you have also one thing in your wallet which could be useful. Okay so it was nice talking to you and I hope to see you in our next Russian weekly words session with me bye [Пока-пока - paka-paka]