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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Hi there, welcome to Russian weekly words. Learn wherever you can with me Katya or let’s say Katyusha. Call me Katyusha okay. Are you in a good mood for some Russian, I can hear yes. Today’s topic is “clothing actions”. Let’s put in clothes together.
So number 1 is [надевать - nadevat`] - “put on”, “I put on my hat” - [Я надела кепку. - Ya nadela kepku.].
[вязать - vyazat`] - “to knit”. Do you do knitting now-a-days? My grandmother, of course she taught me how to knit. [Моя бабушка научила меня вязать. - Maya babushka nauchila menya vyazat'.] - “My grandmother taught me how to knit”. Let’s try knitting some socks next time.
[снимать - snimat`] - “take off”, take off your whatever sweater, “take it off” [Снимай! - Snimay!], “take off your shoes” - [Снимай свою обувь! - Snimay svayu obuf'!].
Next word is [шить - shyt`] it’s not [и] but it’s more like deeper inside your throat like [ы], [шить - shyt`] - “to sew”. “I’d like to sew a new dress for you” - [Я бы хотела пошить для тебя новое платье. - Ya by khatela pashit' dlya tebya novaye plat'ye.]
[примерять - primeryat`] - “to try it on”. Well every time you go shopping which is most of the time for girls, you can use this word, right. “Let’s go try it on” - [Пошли померяем - Pashli pameryayem] or [Пошли примеряем - Pashli primeryayem]. Not the very big difference and so you can use both [померять - pameryat`] or [примерять - primeryat`]. So next word is the end of shopping and cloth actions. Well if you have any other words you’d like to know please tell me, write to me and I will translate it for you or make up some sentences. So hope to see you next time in the next Russian weekly words, see you.