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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Hello everyone, my name is Katya or you can call me Katyusha. Yeah, I prefer the second one. Today we are going to talk about some kind of topic. I have no idea which one and it’s going to be “life actions”. “Life” in Russian is [жизнь - zhyzn`] “action” is [действие - deystviye ]. So let’s have a look.
The first action is going to be, wow, it’s [рожденный - razhdyonnyy] - “to be born”. We are all being born to this world and welcome, congratulations, you did well. I am happy you are here with me and I am here with you. So [Я родилась в январе. - Ya radilas' v yanvare.] - “I was born in January”. [Когда ты родился? - Kagda ty radilsya?] - “When were you born?”
[обручиться - obruchitsa] - “engage”, oh my god, what an action. Are you guys engaged? [Вы обручены? - Vy abrucheny?]. Yeah “I am engaged with my boyfriend” - [Я обручена с моим парнем. - Ya abruchena s maim parnem.] I am so excited. Well, I guess this is going well for you.
So the next word is – next stop, it’s [жениться - zhenitsa] - “marry, get married”. “Are you married?” - [Вы женаты? - Vy zhenaty?]. You in Russian can be some kind of polite you or just like friendly you, right. “You” polite can be [вы - vy] and “you” friendly is [ты -ty].
Next one. We are getting further in our life and maybe you can guess, it’s going to be [выйти на пенсию - vyyti na pensiyu] - “retirement”. “One day I will retire” - [Когда-нибудь я выйду на пенсию. - Kagda-nibut' ya vyydu na pensiyu.] Maybe..
Oh my god. It’s [умереть - umeret'] - “to die”. “I don’t want to die” - [Я не хочу умирать. - Ya ne khachu umirat'.] Or maybe your plant died or something. So you can say [Моё растение умерло - Mayo rasteniye umerla] - “My plant died”, maybe it is too hot or too cold, I never know. Too much information. The end. Okay guys, I hope I see you next time with our next Russian weekly words lesson and see you later. Bye.