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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone! How is it going? How is life? Welcome to Russian Weekly Words with me, Katyusha. Well, today we're going to find out some random Russian words, check it out, what kind of words we're going to have today. I found out the topic, At A Hotel!
1. В гостинице (V gostinitse).
I can make it easier for you and just say в отеле (v otele), which will be the same.
The word гостинице(gostinitse) comes from the word гостить (gostit`), “to visit somebody”.
"I am staying at a hotel." Я остановилась в гостинице. (Ya ostanovilas' v gostinitse.)
2. ключ (kluch) "key"
"I lost the key from my room." Я потеряла ключ от моей комнаты. (Ya poteryala klyuch ot moyey komnaty.)
3. комната (komnata) "room"
Seriously, I had no idea.
"You can choose any room." Вы можете выбрать любую комнату. (Vy mozhete vybrat' lyubuyu komnatu.)
4. регистрационная стойка (registratsionnaya stoyka) "front desk"
So “front” is регистрационная (registratsionnaya), “desk” is стойка (stoyka).
It’s not exactly a desk because it's a bit higher, right? It's like a bar. So in Russian, it's стойка (stoyka) because it's higher, you can just call it регистрация (registratsiya), because it's a place where you register.
"I need to ask a few questions at the front desk." Мне нужно задать несколько вопросов на регистрационной стойке. (Mne nuzhno zadat' neskol'ko voprosov na registratsionnoy stoyke.)
5. бронирование (bronirovaniye) or бронь (bron') "reservation” or “booking"
"I am sorry but we lost your reservation." Извините, но мы потеряли ваше бронирование. (Izvinite, no my poteryali vashe bronirovaniye.)
You know it happens.
So we’re done! Well, I hope I can see you some other time with me and Russian words, so stay! See you later. Пока-пока! (paka-paka!)


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