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Lesson Transcript

Привет всем (Privet fsem)! Hi everyone, and welcome to Russian Weekly Words with me, Katyusha, in black. Now the topic is housework. Housework! What an exciting work! Yes!
1. домашняя работа(domashnyaya rabota), or you can say работа по дому (abota po domu) "housework"
"I have a lot of housework to do." У меня много домашней работы. (U menya mnogo domashney raboty.)
2. мыть (myt`) "clean"
Don’t forget to say deep down in there, the sound Y, мыть (myt`).
"We are cleaning the floor.” Мы моем пол. (My moyem pol.)
3. швабра (shvabra) "mop"
"We are cleaning the floor with the mop." Мы моем пол шваброй. (My moyem pol shvabroy.)
4. подметать (podmetat') "sweep"
"My mom is sweeping the floor." Моя мама подметает пол. (Moya mama podmetayet pol.)
5. убирать (ubirat') "put away”, or you can say “clean up"
Now, what do we usually hear from our moms? Like, ”clean up your room right now." Убери свою комнату сейчас же. (Uberi svoyu komnatu seychas zhe.)
Next word is конец! (konets!) The end! I hope you could repeat after me few words, stay with me, Katyusha. Пока-пока! (paka-paka!)