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Lesson Transcript

Katusha: Hello everyone again and I am happy to see you on the other side. We’ve been to hobbies, we’ve been to fruits and computer stuff but it’s exciting what’s going to be now. Let’s have a look. Oh being sick [болезнь - balezn`] you feel sick, makes you feel sick. This is all [болезнь - balezn`].
[аллергия - alergiya] - “allergy”. It’s not something you catch when you are walking outside unless it’s in Japan in March, crazy allergy after tree flowers it is like oh you sneeze and like your nose running, miserable. So the doctor might ask you [У вас есть аллергия на какие-нибудь препараты? - U vas yest' alergiya na kakiye-nibut' preparaty?] - “Do you have allergy to any medicine?” So you say no, yes it’s up to you. So okay let’s keep going.
The next one is [астма - astma] - “asthma”. So I guess English is same. Example, “I wouldn’t want to have asthma” - [Я бы никогда не хотела, чтобы у меня была астма. - Ya by nikagda ne khatela, shtoby u menya byla astma.] What an exciting topic.
[головная боль - galavnaya bol'] - “headache”. You are tired, right. You have a headache or you want to skip school right? I mean, oh mom, “I can’t move, I have a headache”. [Я не могу пошевелиться, у меня головная боль. - Ya ne magu pashevelitsya, u menya galavnaya bol'.] “Ache” is [боль - bol`] and “head” is [головная - galavnaya]. Okay?
Next exciting disease is [грипп - grip] it sounds like grip, but it’s a flu. “All my family got a flu” - [Вся моя семья заболела гриппом. - Fsya maya sem'ya zabalela gripam.]. So be careful. What is the next one?
The another word is “cold” which is [простуда - prastuda]. “ I caught cold” - [Я простудился. - Ya prastudilsya.] “Cold” - [простуда - prastuda]. And this is the end to our cold and to flu and to asthma and I hope that you will never have any of it [Берегите себя - beregite sebya] - “take care of yourself”. I hope to see you healthy and well for the next lesson. So I will see you some other time. Nice meeting you, bye.