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Lesson Transcript

Hello, there! Welcome to Russian Weekly Words with me, Katyusha. Let’s have a look
what kind of topic we are going to be talking about today. It’s Study Subjects, учебные предметы (uchebnyye predmety).
1. биология (bialogiya) "biology"
"Did you like studying bioligy at school?"
Тебе нравилось изучать биологию в школе? (Tebe nravilos' izuchat' biologiyu v shkole?)
2. информатика (infarmatika) "computer science"
"My brother is studying computer science."
Мой брат изучает информатику. (Moy brat izuchayet informatiku.)
3. искусство (iskusstvo) "art"
"I would love to have some more lessons of art."
Я бы хотела немного больше уроков искусства. (YA nikogda ne mogla zapomnit' daty, kogda izuchala istoriyu)
4. история (istoriya) "history"
"I could never remember any date when learning history. "
Я никогда не могла запомнить даты, когда изучала историю. (YA nikogda ne mogla zapomnit' daty, kogda izuchala istoriyu)
Well that’s a sad truth.
5. физика (fizika) "physics"
"Did you enjoy physics lesson?"
Тебе понравился урок физики? (Tebe ponravilsya urok fiziki?)
I wonder if anyone ever asked this kind of question.
конец (konets), the end! That was quick! I'm sorry I wanted to stay longer with you, but I have to move to another session of Russian Weekly Words. So talk to you later! Пока-пока (paka-paka)!


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my favorite study subject is история

it is always to find out why it is started