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Lesson Transcript

Katusha: [Привет! Как дела? - Privet! Kak dela?] Hello, how are you? Welcome to Russian weekly words with me Katyusha. Are you ready? Let’s have a look what kind of topic we have today. Health concerns. Uh do you have any health concerns?
[боль - bol`] - “pain”. Its soft L in the end [боль - bol`]. In English, it`s kind of pain! Feel the pain. In Russian, pain is kind of very soft [боль - bol`] very kind, romantic, no? “Do you feel any pain?” - [Вы чувствуете боль где-нибудь? - Vy chustvuyete bol' gde-nibut'? ]
[ожог - azhok] - “burn”. Don’t forget to say in the end [г]. “He had some burns when he did fireworks.” [У него было несколько ожогов после салюта./У него было несколько ожогов после питард. -U nevo byla neskal'ka azhogaf posle salyuta./U nevo byla neskal'ka azhogaf posle pitard.] Fireworks can be like big or small one, as well
[тошнота -tashnata] - “nausea”, you feel sick right? “Sometimes in the airplane, I have nausea.” - [Иногда в самолёте я чувствую тошноту. - Inagda f samalyote ya chustvuyu tashnatu.]
[зуд - zud] - “itch”. “After mosquito bite, I have itch.” - [После укуса комара, у меня зуд.- Posle ukusa kamara, u menya zud.]
[усталость - ustalast'] - “fatigue”. “I am sorry, I work too much and I have fatigue, can I go home?” - [Вы знаете, я так много работала, и у меня такая усталость. Можно я пойду домой? - Vy znayete, ya tak mnoga rabotala, i u menya takaya ustalast'. Mozhna ya paydu damoy?] The end! I hope you don’t have any other concerns, health concerns. I hope you are well and in a good mood and so I will see you some other time with my Russian words and me Katyusha! [Пока-пока - paka-paka]