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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Welcome to Russian weekly words with me Katyusha. Now let’s have a look what kind of words and topic we are going to be talking about today. [Туризм - turizm] - “Tourism”. My friend works in tourism industry. [Моя подруга работает в туризме. - Maya padruga rabotayet f turizme.]
[билет - bilet] - “ticket”. I guess we talk about air tickets or bus tickets. I need to book tickets on the airplane or you can say I need to book airplane tickets [Мне нужно забронировать билеты на самолёт. - Mne nuzhna zabraniravat' bilety na samalyot.]
[гид - git] - “guide”. I would like to have a guide when in Thailand” - [Я бы хотела нанять гида в Тайланде. - Ya by khatela nanyat' gida f Taylande.]
[путеводитель - putevaditel'] - “guidebook”. [Путь - put`] in Russian is “the way you need to go”. So it’s not like guide but it’s more like something that’s showing you the direction. [Водитель - vaditel`] it’s something that takes you somewhere or follow you all along the way. It’s more like a guide probably. “I need to get a guidebook before I go for summer vacation” - [Мне нужно купить путеводитель до того как я уйду в отпуск. - Mne nuzhna kupit' putevaditel' da tavo kak ya uydu v otpusk.]
[путешествовать - puteshestvavat'] - “travel”. “I would love to travel around the world” - [Я бы хотела попутешествовать вокруг мира. - Ya by khatela paputeshestvavat' vakruk mira.] That’s a great idea, I would love to have a world round tour and the end. No! I am going to meet you some other time with my funny and not funny Russian examples and hope it helps to remember few of them. Now talk to you later, bye, bye.


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thank you for the lesson

my favorite words are [Мне нужно купить путеводитель до того как я уйду в отпуск