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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Hello everyone and it’s me Katyusha. Welcome to Russian weekly words and let’s have a look what kind of words we are going to learn today or at least try to remember. Birds. [Птицы - Ptitsy]. Or if you want to say it in a cute way, [птички - ptichki]. On a special request, I am going to try and make a sound of every bird that we are going to talk about today.
The first bird is [петух - petukh] - “rooster”. [Петух кукарекает на заборе. - Petukh kukarekayet na zabore.] - “The rooster is going Cock-a-Doodle-do on the fence.” Rooster is going Cock-a-Doodle-do. The Rooster is going Cock-a-Doodle-do nailed it.
[ворон - voran] if it’s a boy, [ворона - varona] if it’s a girl. “Crow”. Usually we don’t say [ворон - voran] we usually say [ворона - varona] and we have many fairy tales about [ворона - varona]. [Берегись ворон. - Beregis' varon.] - “Be careful of crows”.
[утка - utka] - “duck”. They definitely get killed a lot. [Пошли на охоту на уток. - Pashli na akhotu na utak.] - “Let’s go hunting ducks”. And how do I make the sound for duck?
[курица - kuritsa] - “chicken”. [Я люблю жареную курицу. - Ya lyublyu zharenuyu kuritsu.] - “I like roasted chicken.” Maybe a vegetarian, sorry for touching this topic.
[павлин - pavlin] - “peacock”, how does a peacock make sound? [Павлин прохаживается по зоопарку. - Pavlin prakhazhivayetsa pa zaaparku.] - “A peacock is walking down the zoo”. Yes that was our bird’s version. How you’ve enjoyed our session. See you next time [Пока-пока - paka-paka]


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