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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Hi everyone, nice to see you again and it’s me Katyusha with Russian weekly words. How exciting! Now let’s have a look what kind of topic we are going to have today. A special day for special topic and it’s going to be if I can touch the screen, - “home tools”. Wow! “Home tools” - [Домашние инструменты - Damashniye instrumenty]. “Do you have any home tools?” - [У тебя есть домашние инструменты? - U tebya yest' damashniye instrumenty ?]. Maybe you can just knock on your neighbor’s door and say [У тебя есть домашние инструменты? - U tebya yest' damashniye instrumenty ?] Give me home tools, calm down!
The first word is “screw” - [винт - vint] - if it’s a big one, “big screw”, it’s [винт - vint] and if it’s a “small screw”, it’s [винтик - vintik]. [Мне не хватает винтика. - Mne ne khvatayet vintika.] - “I am missing the screw”.
Next word [молоток - malatok] - “hammer”. [молоток - malatok]. Okay don’t mix it with milk because it’s a bit similar. It sounds like [молоко - malako], but we are talking about the hammer - [молоток - malatok]. “Where did I put my hammer?” - [Куда я положила молоток? - Kuda ya polozhila molotok?] if it’s a girl or [Куда я положил молоток? - Kuda ya palazhyl malatok] if it’s a boy.
Okay [пила - pila] - “saw”, [пила - pila]. You know the horror movie right? So in Russian, it’s called [пила - pila], just in case you want to watch it in Russian too, okay? [Вчера я смотрела фильм "Пила". - Fchera ya smatrela fil'm "Pila".] - “Yesterday I saw a movie Saw”. Yeah, I saw Saw.
Next word is [уровень - uravewn`] - “level”, [уровень - uravewn`]. Well if you are interior designer or any constructor company employer you need to know I mean you basically you obviously know that you need a level right. “I need level to put my picture frame” - [Мне нужен уровень повесить фотокартину. - Mne nuzhen uraven' pavesit' fotakartinu], because you know you want it to be straight right. So it’s better to have level with you. [Используйте уровень. - Ispol'zuyte uraven' .] - “Use level”.
Next word is [ящик с инструментами - yashchik s instrumentami] - “toolbox”. Toolbox but in Russian it’s a bit opposite. It’s a “box with tools”. So the box is [ящик - yashchik] with - [с - s], [инструментами - instrumentami] - “tools”. Okay good, it’s a bit long but I am sure you can say it right. “Please help me carry a toolbox” - [Помоги мне, пожалуйста, понести ящик с инструментами. - Pamagi mne, pazhalusta, panesti yashchik s instrumentami.] Wow, that was quick. Can you do that? Okay now we are done with tools. I hope that you can move in with somebody or by yourself safely now. You can name these very important tools in Russian but it’s just good to know you know. So I see you some other time and [Пока-пока - paka-paka].