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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Hi everyone and welcome to Russian weekly words again with me Katya or Katyusha and today’s topic is... “flavors”. Wow, what a delicious topic, “flavors” - [вкусы - fkusy]. Here we go to flavors.
[Горький - gor'kiy ] - “bitter”. It’s not the best flavor to start with right. I mean “Ginger ale is a bit bitter.” - [Джинджер эль немного горький. - Dzhindzher el' nemnoga gor'kiy.] “My life is bitter” - [Моя жизнь горька. - Maya zhizn' gar'ka.]
So next word is [кислый - kislyy] - “sour”. Sometimes if somebody is not happy, we can say “you look sour”. In Russian, it’s like [Что это за кислое лицо? - Shto eta za kislaye litso?] like you have a sour face so which means somebody is like not happy. So it’s not offensive. It’s just somebody is not in a mood. So you can use that “Lemon is cour” - [Лимон кислый. - Limon kislyy.] which is very obvious thing
[Острый - ostryy] - “spicy”, we are just talking now about kimchi for a lunch. Do you like kimchi? [Я люблю кимучи на ланч, потому что он очень острый. - Ya lyublyu kimuchi na lanch, patamu shto on ochen' ostryy.] It’s really spicy, that’s why I like kimchi for lunch. Do you like spicy food? [Тебе нравится острая еда? - Tebe nravitsya ostraya yeda?]. “Spicy” - [острый - ostryy].
Finally, my favorite flavor is sweet. That’s sweet. [сладкий - slatkiy]. “I love everything sweet” - [Мне нравится все сладкое. - Mne nravitsa fsyo slatkaye.] I prefer like really homemade sweets. You know this kind of donuts like dry bread, it’s called [бублики - bubliki]. When I was a kid, you can have it with tea and enjoy tea with [бублики - bubliki]. In Soviet Union times, we had limited amount of things that could be cooked or presented to people. Candies could be like really like a big treat for kids but nowadays of course we have all sorts of things we can choose from like abroad or like other brands. So yeah, I guess candies is the thing. We had many, many candies when I was a kid like you get it for New Year’s Eve like a present. You could hang it on a Christmas tree and just pick it up from there like apples you know. Cool memories oh!
[Солёный - salyonyy] - “salty”. Ah, “salt” is [соль - sol`] that’s why [солёный -salyonyy] it’s kind of similar [соль sol` - солёный salyonyy]. “Do you like it salty?” - [Ты любишь солёное? Ty lyubish' salyonaye?] like sometimes pickles you know. My grandma used to make some pickles and we would just always have it like with mashed potatoes or something as a side dish. Oh no! It’s finished again. No more flavors but there are so many flavors to talk about. Talk to you later [Пока-пока Paka-paka]. Bye.


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