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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Hello you, welcome to Russian weekly words with me Katya or Katyusha you may say makes me feel better, so welcome. Today we are going to learn about, I have no idea what about. So let’s have a look. “Months of the year” - [месяцы года - mesyatsy goda]. And № 1 is... I don’t know why I always start with July, it’s not actually the first month of the year. It’s a nice month too.
So [июль - iyul`]. The heat, the sun, the holidays. So, [Поехали на море в июле? - Payekhali na more v iyule?] - “Let’s go to the sea in July”.
Next it’s going to be [май - may] - “May”. [май - may] - “May. Some flowers start to bloom. “Let’s go to the zoo in May.” - [Пошли в зоопарк в мае? - Pashli v zaapark v maye?]. “Let’s go to the zoo” - [Пошли в зоопарк! - Pashli v zaapark]. Next year in May, we are going to the zoo.
Next month is [сентябрь - sentyabr`] - “September”. [сентябрь - sentyabr`] - September. [Я пойду в школу в сентябре. - Ya paydu f shkolu f sentyabre.] - “I will go to school in September.” This is how we start like in Russian post soviet Union countries, it’s kind of ….month. So yeah..
Next month is going to be, it’s my month and the first month of the year [январь - yanvar`] - “January”. [Январь - первый месяц года. - Yanvar' - pervyy mesyats goda.] - “January is the first month of the year.” My birthday is in January.
Next month is [март - mart] it’s funny, March. You say ch in the end but somehow in Russian it’s T in the end. [В марте ещё холодно. - V marte yeshchyo kholadna.] - “It’s still chilly in March.” Next word is, Oh my god, we had only half of the year. So it’s the end and hope to see you next time, bye.


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Which word do you like the most?

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Hello Rayman,

It should be "твой день рождения" :smile:


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новый год и твои рождения? так весело! ты везучия девушка!:laughing::laughing::laughing::smile::smile:

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Hi Рейман,

Thank you for learning Russian with RussianPod101.com:thumbsup:


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Yayyy! Privet Katusha!!