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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Are you ready everyone? This is Katyusha with Russian weekly words and let’s figure out what are the next words we are going to learn today and go colors. I love this theme, very nice theme. “Colors” in the Russian is [цвета - tsveta]. Be careful because “flowers” in Russian is [цветы - tsvety], but colors is [цвета - tsveta].
So the first color is [белый - belyy]. I don’t have it right now but maybe you do [белый - belyy] - “white”. We can see in many, many places around us. [Мой холодильник белый. - Moy khaladil'nik belyy.] - “My fridge is white.”
Here we go, next color [зелёный - zelyonyy] - “green”. When you go to the nature, everything is green, right. [Лес такой зеленый! - Les takoy zelenyy!] - “The forest is so green.” In Russian, it sounds very strange.
Red, [красный - krasnyy]. [Красный - это мой любимый цвет. - Krasnyy - eta moy lyubimyy tsvet.] - “Red is my favorite color.” As you can see some red boots, red socks, red hat.
Uh the color that suits everyone [черный - chernyy] - “black”. Men in black. [черный - chernyy]. So if you want to look cool, you can always wear black. [Я люблю одеваться в черное. - Ya lyublyu adevatsya f chernaye.] - “I like to wear black”.
Oh that’s cute one. The favorite girl’s color [розовый - rozavyy] - “pink”, “pink”. “We all see the world with pink glasses” - [Мы смотрим на мир в розовых очках. - My smotrim na mir v rozavykh achkakh.] It means we want to be optimistic. So pink, pink is a good color but don’t overdo it I guess.
The end, oh no, well I hope you mix your colors [цвета - tsveta] very well and you look great. Just choose your own style and go with it and I will see you next time in my lessons, okay. See you bye.


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