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Lesson Transcript

Привет (Privet)! Welcome to Russian Weekly Words with me, Katyusha! Today we're going to talk about some special words we prepared for you today, but personally I don't know which one, so let's find out. The topic will be School Supplies, школьные принадлежности (shkol'nyye prinadlezhnasti).
"I have to get some more school supplies for September."
Мне нужно приобрести больше школьных принадлежностей на сентябрь. (Mne nuzhna priabresti bol'she shkol'nykh prinadlezhnastey na sentyabr'.)
Let's find out the first word of school supplies… Wow! And it’s…
1. карандаш (karandash) "pencil"
I think there is a Swiss company who does карандаш(karandash), like, literally their company's called карандаш(karandash). So maybe this is where we got the word from, I don't know who copied who again.
"I gave my pencil to my friend." Я отдал свой карандаш другу. (Ya atdal svoy karandash drugu.)
Next word is…
2. клей (kley) "glue"
"I forgot to bring glue from home." Я забыл принести клей из дому. (Ya zabyl prinesti kley iz damu.)
3. рюкзак (ryukzak) "backpack"
"There is a hole in my backpack." В моем рюкзаке дырка. (V mayem ryukzake dyrka.)
4. тетрадь (tetrat') "notebook"
"My mom got me some new notebooks." Моя мама купила мне новые тетради. (Maya mama kupila mne novyye tetradi.)
5. маркер (marker) "marker"
so same word, but we just just just just just say R so you can hear it, маркер (marker).
"I always carry with me colorful markers." Я всегда с собой ношу разноцветные маркеры. (Ya fsegda s saboy nashu raznatsvetnyye markery.)
And the next word is… unfortunately this is the end to school supplies. I hope you're ready for school, and maybe you can repeat this words and remember it and use it for your friends, even if they don't understand what you're talking about. I’ll see you some other time. Пока-пока! (paka-paka!)


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