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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha! Hi everyone! Привет всем (Privet fsem)! Welcome to Russian Weekly Words with me, Katyusha. The topic will be food, еда (eda). The first word will be…
1. говядина (gavyadina) "beef"
What a great word, beef!
“I don't eat beef.“ Я не ем говядину. (Ya ne yem gavyadinu.)
"I love beef." Я обожаю говядину. (Ya abazhayu gavyadinu.)
2. торт (tort) "cake"
If you want to make it sound cuter, you should say тортик (tortik).
"Let’s buy some cake for dinner" Давай купим тортик на ужин. (Davay kupim tortik na uzhyn.)
3. хлеб (khlep) "bread"
"I eat a lot of bread." Я ем много хлеба. (Ya yem mnoga khleba.)
4. морепродукты (morepradukty) "seafood"
"I would love to go to Japan to eat seafood." Я бы хотела поехать в Японию поесть морепродукты. (Ya by khatela payekhat' v Yaponiyu payest' morepradukty.)
5. конфета (kanfeta) "candy"
"My friend eats a lot of candies." Моя подружка ест много конфет. (Maya padruzhka yest mnoga kanfet.)
And we're done with food. I’m sure there are many other words but not everything at once, so let's save you some other exciting random words for the future. See you later. Пока-пока! (paka-paka!)

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