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Lesson Transcript

Hello! Welcome to Russian Weekly Words with me, Katyusha. As always, I have no idea what kind of topic we're gonna be talking about today, let's have a look and check it out, and see if we can pronounce it correctly. And our topic is tableware, Столовые приборы (stalovyye pribory).
1. посуда (pasuda) "dish"
"My brother has to clean dishes." Мой брат должен помыть посуду. (Moy brat dolzhen pamyt' pasudu.)
2. тарелка (tarelka) "plate"
Я разбила свою тарелку. (Ya razbila svayu tarelku.) "I broke my plate."
3. чашка (chashka) "cup"
"I would love to have a cup with a picture." Я бы хотела чашку с фотографией. (Ya by khatela chashku s fatagrafiyey.)
For чашка (chashka), it’s a ”cup" with a handle. So if there's no handle, in Russian it's different word. Yes, I think чашка (chashka) is more like a “mug”.
4. бокал для вина (bakal dlya vina) "wine glass" (lit. “glass for wine”)
"There are many different glasses for wine."
Существуют разные бокалы для вина. (Sushchestvuyut raznyye bakaly dlya vina.)
5. заварочный чайник (zavarachnyy chaynyk) "teapot"
"I got a teapot as a Christmas present." Я получила заварочный чайник в подарок на Рождество. (Ya paluchila zavarachnyy chaynik f padarak na razhdestvo.)
“Tea” in Russian is чай (chay).
конец (konets)! It's the end! But again, I hope I will see you some other time with me and Russian Weekly Words. Пока-пока! (paka-paka!)


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