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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Hello everyone, welcome to Russian weekly words and me Katyusha. Today we are going to be discussing some interesting topics, some amazing Russian you have to remember and learn with me. “Personalities” - [Личности - lichnasti]. [Личность - lichnast`] is “person”, your unique character right? [Внутри тебя может быть несколько личностей. - Vnutri tebya mozhet byt' neskal'ka lichnastey.] - “There could be few personalities inside you.” Sounds like schizophrenia..
[вежливый - vezhlivyy] - “polite”. [Извините, вы бы не могли мне передать этот помидор. - Izvinite, vy by ne magli mne peredat' etat pamidor.] - “Excuse me, would you be so kind to pass this tomato to me.”
[властный - vlasnyy] - “overbearing”. [Отдай мне эту игрушку! Это моё! - Atday mne etu igrushku! Eta mayo!] - “Give this toy to me, it’s my toy!” and this one is mine and this one is mine.
[энергичный - energichnyy] - “lively”. [Здесь очень энергичная атмосфера. - Zdes' ochen' energichnaya atmasfera.] - “This atmosphere here is very lively.”
[горделивый - gardelivyy] - “Proud”. [Я так горд, что мои дети поступили в университет. Очень горд. - Ya tak gord, shto mai deti pastupili v universitet. Ochen' gort.] - “I am so proud, I am so proud of my children entered university.”
[надоедливый, - nadaedlivyy] - “annoying”. You can also say [раздраженный - razdrazhyonnyy]. [Эта муха очень надоедливая! - Eta mukha ochen' nadayedlivaya!] - “This fly is really annoying”.
Well, I would love to talk about more personalities like happy, I am a happy person, yeah it’s the end. See you next time! Пока-пока [Paka-Paka]


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