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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Hello there and welcome to Russian weekly words with me Katyusha. Today we are going to be talking about something I don’t know what. So I am inviting you to check it out with me. So follow my finger and... “Plants” - [растения - rasteniya]. [Я очень люблю растения. - Ya ochen' lyublyu rasteniya.] “I really like plants”.
[Дерево - dereva] - “tree”. [Я бы хотела посадить несколько деревьев. - Ya by khatela pasadit' neskal'ka derev'yev.] - “I would love to plant few trees”.
Next word is [лист - list] - “leaf”. [На дороге много листьев. - Na daroge mnoga list'yev.] - “There are many leaves on the ground”
Next word is what am I seeing – Am I seeing right? Okay in English, it was a bit strange, it’s weed. In Russia, we can also say [сорняк - sarnyak] when these plants just grow where you don’t want it to grow, so you have to get rid of it and take it away. [Моя бабушка выдергивала сорняки целый день. - Maya babushka vydergivala sarnyaki tselyy den'.] - “My grandmother has been picking weed all day, my grandmother has been picking the weeds all day”.
Let me change to another word [цветок - tsevetok] - “flower”. [Мои друзья подарили мне много цветов на мой день рождения. - Mai druz'ya padarili mne mnoga tsvetof na moy den' razhdeniya.] - “My friends got me a lot of flowers on my birthday”, nice. You are a lucky girl. We are done with plants for today. Now go get yourself some flowers and I will see you for the next session [Пока-пока. Paka-paka].


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