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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Hi everyone, welcome to Russian weekly words with me Katyusha. [Привет всем - Privet fsem]. Let’s have a look what kind of topic we are going to be talking about today and trying to remember it in the rush. Oh my god, so exciting
“Cooking” - [кулинария - kulinariya] - “cooking”. [Кулинария - kulinariya], yes some nice sweet pie cooking.
Okay, the first word is [ингредиент - ingrediyent] - “ingredient”, [ингредиент - ingrediyent] - “ingredient”. I wonder which one is Russian and which one in English. “For making [пирожки - pirashki] you need many different ingredients” - [Чтобы приготовить пирожки вам нужны разные ингредиенты. - Shtoby prigatovit' pirashki vam nuzhny raznyye ingrediyenty .] Okay, [пирожки - pirashki] have you tried cooking [пирожки - pirashki]? It should be good with potato, yeay!
Now, next word is [масло для готовки - masla dlya gatafki] - “cooking oil”. [Ты купил мне масло для приготовление пирожков? - Ty kupil mne masla dlya prigatavleniye pirashkof?] - “Did you get me oil for cooking [пирожки - pirashki]?” Did you, did you not? Did you get, no? Go get it.
Now next word [микроволновая печь - mikravalnovaya pech'] - “microwave”. [Микроволновая - mikravalnovaya] means microwave and [печь - pech'] is where you put your things inside to cook. In Russia, in old times, so we had like cooking stove where like you have to make a fire and then you put bread under to bake it like it looked big like this. It would warm up your house. So basically it was like heater and microwave and stove like three in one. We don’t have this anymore. What happened to my voice, “I would love to get a microwave” - [Я бы хотела приобрести микроволновую печь. - Ya by khatela priabresti mikravalnovuyu pech'.] To make it short we usually say [микроволновка - mikrovalnofka].
[Соль - sol`] - “salt”. [Соль - sol`] and there it’s kind of [l] becomes really soft like from [l] becomes [l`]. [Соль - sol`]. “Don`t put too much salt.” - [Не пересоли! - Ne peresali!]. Some people don’t really know it as they put too much salt right and then you just cannot eat it and that you are trying to be polite especially at somebody’s house like you cannot say no like oh no.
Now next word is [шашлык - shashlyk]. Okay doing good. Okay “let’s go to have barbeque in the forest next week”. - [Пошли на шашлыки в лес на следующей неделе. - Pashli na shashlyki v les na sleduyushchey nedele.]. So, yeah we can have barbeques anyway. We don’t have to like specifically rent a place. You can just go to forest and you lay and just enjoy your barbeque anyway you want and we are done. No way but I am going to join you for the next session. So keep in touch [Пока-пока - Paka-paka]


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