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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: [Привет всем - privet fsem]. Hello, welcome to Russian weekly words with me Katyusha and today’s topic is going to be let’s have a look…
[Млекопитающие - mlekopitayushchiye] - “mammals”. [Млекопитающие - mlekopitayushchiye] if you say [млеко - mleko] it means something is connected to the milk [молоко - malako]. [питающие - pitayushchiye] means to eat something, to get some food. So we all kind of grow up with mom’s milk. So [млекопитающие - mlekopitayushchiye] and the first word, the first mammal is…
[коза - kaza] - “goat”, it’s funny that in English, goat is more like male goat, right. In Russian, [коза - kaza] is female when you think about image, it’s mostly female and we have many fairy tales about [коза - kaza] and it’s giving milk. She is kind and sweet and kind of jumping all around. [Я люблю козье молоко. - Ya lyublyu koz'ye malako.] - “I like goat milk” and actually yeah, my grandma made me drink hot goat milk which was awful.
The next word is [кошка - koshka] - “cat”. [кошка - koshka] it’s a female one and the male one would be [кот - kot] very short, [кот - kot] - “cat” - [кот - kot] . [Я очень люблю кошек. - Ya ochen' lyublyu koshek.] - “I really like cats”.
Next word is [мышь - mysh`] - “mouse”. [мышь - mysh`]. Maybe it’s a bit difficult to pronounce it. Try again [мышь - mysh`] it’s like [ы] it’s like you have to make a big smile like this and they would like try to giggle [ы] good job. That was my biggest smile. If you want to say it in a good way, you can say [мышка - myshka] and I think I mentioned it in the previous topic when we are talking about computer things. So yeah [мышка - myshka]...“Oh my god, oh my god what is it, it’s a mouse” - [Боже! Это мышь! - Bozhe! Eta mysh'!] .
[Олень - alen`] - “deer”. [oлень - alen`]. And in Russian, it starts with [o] but you kind of say more [a]. [Я видела оленя в лесу. - Ya videla alenya v lesu.] - “I saw a deer in the forest.” They have like really cute butt like white butt in the shape of a heart, right? So cute.
Okay the next word is [свинья - svin`ya] - “pig”, offensive word. Well, we love animals, I love animals. Somebody who doesn’t eat nicely on the table like all the food is flowing in all the directions you know. You can say “he is eating like a pig” - [Он ест, как свинья. - On yest, kak svin'ya.] . If you don’t want to be called a pig or be careful how you eat but this is the end and I hope next topic will be also funny and we learned some not only good words but also some bad words. So you know how to speak up for yourself in Russian. What’s my favorite mammal? Oh it is actually [лошадь - loshat`] - “horse”. That’s so powerful, so beautiful, amazing and so smart just like me [Пока-пока - Paka-paka].


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