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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: So crazy, it’s just me! Katyusha. [Привет всем!] - Hello everyone and it’s me Katyusha with you and Russian weekly words. Let’s have a look at today’s topic. Hopefully I can help you. Let’s have a look and today’s topic as always is very exciting.
[Мебель - mebel`] - “Furniture”, I love to move furniture. That’s what I did when I was bored. It brings kind of fresh energy you know. How can you live without furniture.Right now, I am sitting on this [стул - stul] - “chair”. [Я сижу на стуле. - Ya sizhu na stule.] - “I am sitting on the chair.” Now you try [стул - stul] right.
Okay next word is [кровать - kravat`] maybe you are sitting on the bed. [кровать - kravat`]. [Я не хочу вставать с кровати. - Ya ne khachu fstavat' s kravati.] - “I don’t want to get out of the bed” . [Я не хочу - Ya ne khachu], [кровать - kravat`] nice, soft, warm bed and I am sitting on the chair.
Next word is [книжная полка - knizhnaya polka] - “bookshelf”. Have you ever tried sleeping in the bookshelf? I am sure the answer is no. [У меня нет книжных полок. - U menya net knizhnykh polok.] - “I don’t have any bookshelves”, it’s because I am usually storing books and magazines on the floor. [книжная полка - knizhnaya polka]. [полка - polka] sounds like a polish dance [полька - pol`ka].
Okay next word is [диван - divan] - “sofa”. [диван - divan]. [Пожалуйста, присаживайтесь на диван. - Pazhalusta, prisazhivaytes' na divan.] - “Please have a seat on the sofa.” Oh I am such a nice host here.
[комод - kamod] - “dresser”, [комод - kamod] which is not very popular. It’s more like grandmas are saying or like heavy French antique stuff, I don’t know. Russian image.. [комод - kamod] is something like that comes from your grandmother, your family kept probably dark wood or like placard and like something really *bang* heavy. When you have Ikea and [комод - kamod] you are thinking maybe I go for Ikea you know. [Я бы хотела продать свой комод - Ya by khatela pradat' svoy kamod.] - “I would like to sell my dresser” or [Я бы хотела переделать свой комод - Ya by khatela peredelat' svoy kamod.]- “I would like to redo my dresser”. It could be also exciting, make it pink and the next word is, the end. Unfortunately I have to say [Пока-пока - Paka-paka] to you but I hope I will see you next time with me in Russian weekly words, bye bye.