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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Welcome to Russian weekly words and with me Katyusha and a new topic for today. I am very excited to see what it’s going to be. How about you? Yeah I can see you are like yeay! Tell us, tell us, okay, okay I will tell you.
Today’s topic is “your face”- [твоё лицо - tvayo litso] or “my face” - [моё лицо - mayo litso]. Well we can talk about our faces. They are basically similar same things we all have. So let’s have a look and the first word.
First word is, it’s a [глаз - glas] - “eye”. [глаз - glas], [глазa - glaza] [Посмотри мне в глаза. - Pasmatri mne v glaza.] - “Look into my eyes.”
Next word is [нос - nos] - “nose”. [Не ковыряйся в носу. - Ne kavyryaysya v nasu.] - “Don’t poke your nose”, you naughty.
Next word is [рот - rot] - “mouth”, [рот - rot], which we have one. So it’s okay to say [рот - rot]. So if you are the doctor or a dentist, he will tell you probably to open your mouth [Откройте рот. - Atkroyte rot.] - “Open your mouth.”
Next word is [ухо - ukho] - “ear”, [ухо - ukho], “two ears” is [уши - ushy]. “I want to tell you something into your ear” - [Я хочу тебе сказать что-нибудь на ухо. - Ya khachu tebe skazat' shto-nibut' na ukha.]
And next word is [губа - guba] it’s a bit lonely because we have two lips. So, [губа - guba] - “lip”, “two lips” is [губы - guby]. Try to say it okay. “When we meet, we don’t kiss on the lips” - [При встрече, мы не целуемся в губы. - Pri fstreche my ne tseluyemsya v guby]. Yeah well, when we meet it’s mostly on the cheek. So you can kiss once or twice or it depends how friendly you are with your friend. Even if you don’t know the person well still, you kiss once on the cheek. So there is nothing special about it. Don’t imagine anything. Okay now we are done with our face. So maybe you can just go to the mirror to try and repeat and touch yourself and say in Russian what kind of eyes or nose you have. Okay good luck and hope to see you again next time. Bye bye [Пока-пока - Paka-paka]

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