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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: Hi everyone, welcome to Russian weekly words with me Katyusha. I hope we can remember some nice Russian words today that can be helpful for you in your future or your life. Let’s have a look what kind of topic we are going to have today and it’s going to be exciting one.
“At the office”. “Are you at the office right now?” - [Вы сейчас в офисе? - Vy sechas v ofise?]. “Office” - [офис].
[коллега - kalega] - “co-worker” - [коллега - kalega]. As in English, it can be female or male. So anyone. [У меня в офисе тридцать коллег. - U menya v ofise trittsat' kalleg.] - “I have 30 co-workers in my office.”
The next word is [рабочий стол - rabochiy stol] - “desk”. Desk is [рабочий стол - rabochiy stol]. Well if you literally translate it, [рабочий - rabochiy] is “working” and [стол - stol] is “table” or “desk”. So it’s working desk. [рабочий стол - rabochiy stol]. [Боже, какой у меня кошмар на рабочем столе! - Bozhe, kakoy u menya kashmar na rabochem stale!] - “ What a mess on my desk! Oh my God!”.
Now next word is [телефон - telefon] - “telephone” or “phone”. [телефон]. You don’t even need to translate it, [телефон]. [Где твой телефон? - Gde tvoy telefon?] - “Where is your phone, where is your telephone”. [Дай мне свой телефон. - Day mne svoy telefon.] - “Give me your phone.” Not this one but actually phone number. “Give me your phone number” - [Дай мне свой телефон. - Day mne svoy telefon.] Like all these digits, number digits so you can say it’s telephone.
So next one is [факс - fax] its fax. [Факс] yes, same, easy to remember. You don’t really have to bother remembering. Very easy, it is just the pronunciation a little bit like from maybe you say fax in English and [факс] in Russian like really [а] very strong one, don’t forget to emphasize. “I want to send fax to you.” - [Я хочу послать тебе факс. - Ya khachu paslat' tebe faks.] Yeah great.
Next word is [документ - dakument] - “document”, kind of easy right. [документ] - document. Instead of [o] we more say like [a] in Russian. So, [документ], [Куда я положила этот документ? - Kuda ya palazhyla etat dakument?] - “Where did I put this document?” did you see?. No because it’s the end and I hope we meet you for our next sessions of Russian weekly words and I hope it was helpful for you to remember few nice words that are not similar to English and hope to see you next time [Пока-пока, paka-paka]. Listen to your boss. Next word is boss!

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