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Lesson Transcript

Katyusha: My name is Katyusha. I will be with you today for Russian weekly words. We are going to start together our first lesson and it’s very exciting. I don’t know what’s going to be there and I don’t know any words I am going to teach you from now on but let’s have a look.
Let me check, takes a bit long time, aha!
Hobbies. [Увлечения - Uvlecheniya]
[Играть на музыкальном инструменте - Igrat' na muzykal'nam instrumente] - “Play a musical instrument.”
All my childhood, I was dreaming to play piano. “I always wanted to play a musical instrument.” Yeah [Я всегда хотела сыграть на музыкальном инструменте. - Ya fsegda khatela sygrat' na muzykal'nam instrumente.] We are good, okay. Something about the play again. Now we are moving to sports, right now. I like watching sports. Olympic games, I am waiting for it.
[Катание на коньках - kataniye na kan'kakh] - “ice-skating”. Recently, Japan is getting very strong but of course Russia, to glide on skates. I would say if you translate it like from word to word, “We are ice-skating” - [Мы катаемся на коньках. - My katayemsya na kan'kakh.] Let’s go ice skating tonight. I want to sleep in my bed..
[Рисовать - risavat`] - “draw”. Can you draw? I can draw a little bit on the napkin when I am in a café or something like that in a very artistic way of drawing. “I would like to draw something.” - [Я бы хотела что-нибудь нарисовать. - Ya by khatela shto-nibud' narisavat'.] Would you like to draw something? Next one, maybe guys will be interested in.
[Рыбачить - rybachit'] - “Fishing”, right. Why not? Its summer, the weather is great. We can just go outside, put tent out and just stay and go to the river and do fishing and fish, fish, fish. We can cook the fish later. [рыбачить - rybachit'] is a verb and the noun is [рыба - ryba] - “fish”. “I go fishing from now on.” - [Прямо сейчас я иду рыбачить. - Pryama seychas ya idu rybachit`]. You got it.
The next one is my favorite [Танцевать - tantsevat` ] it’s dancing, “to dance”, “to dance” [танцевать - tantsevat`] dance, to dance. “Let’s go to club to dance, yeah.” [Пошли в клуб танцевать. - Pashli f klup tantsevat'.] Outside in the parking, there is a break dancing. Next time, you can do some cool movements. So you can say it in Russian [Я люблю танцевать. - Ya lyublyu tantsevat'.] - “I like dancing.” Oh no, it says the end. For now, it’s just the first lesson is over. Nice talking to you, okay I will see you next time. It was Katyusha with you, bye. It’s like tiger, you know like Lion.


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Я люблю играть в настольные игры.


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Я люблю играть настольные игры.

Is my sentence correct?