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Sunday at 06:30 PM
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Listeners, how do you use your iPad, iPhone or iPod to learn Russian? Leave a comment by 9/17 to win free apps! We’ll contact the winners when the contest closes! And remember, our all iPad apps are 50% off for a limited time!

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Wednesday at 03:41 PM
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This contest is now closed.

Congratulations to Lloyd Woodward (Beginner Russian for iPad), GrahamP (Word Power for iPhone) and Jason Yeh (MyWords for iPhone)! We’ll be emailing you shortly on instructions on how to claim your apps!

Thanks to everyone for commenting and giving us feedback! We’ll be doing more giveaways in the future, so keep listening!

Saturday at 05:59 AM
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I just heard about the new app for the IPad. I am downloading it now to try it out. I will listen daily if this works as well as the podcast makes it out to be.

Friday at 09:45 PM
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If I had Russian iPad apps I would use them all the time because I am always on the go and can't always take my computer with me.

I have been learning Russian for three years (Two of which I have used Russianpod101.com)

Friday at 01:45 AM
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I use the podcast to listen to the lessons while traveling. I also watch the videos. I particularly enjoy the notes, in Russian so that I can follow along and improve my ability to spell or read in Russian.

All this is on my iPhone 3G--an iPad would make it MUCH better.

Friday at 12:48 AM
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How do I use my iPad to learn Russian? Great for viewing videos (larger screeen than iPhone). Also I have a number of Russian books in PDF format which I can read on the iPad - they would be too small on the iPhone screen.

How do I use my iPhone? Play back the RussianPod 101 podcasts wherever I am - on the train, out for a walk. Play back other MP3 lessons (also on the iPad if I have it with me). This is easier on the iPhone than the iPad due to portability.

Both of them - flashcards such as WordPower - but the app would be better with an iPad specific version taking advantage of the larger screen size rather than having to use the same iPhone version on each. Also chatting to Russian friends on Skype to improve language skills - more portable on the iPhone, but easier with the larger keyboard on the iPad, particularly when switching to the Russian keyboard!

The iPhone and iPad are my main hardware tools for Russian learning!

Friday at 12:10 AM
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just started with russian pod,

reviewing vocabularies and listening to the pronounciation will hopefully be a big help in memorizing the new words.

Friday at 12:03 AM
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Hmmm. learning on an iPad instead of my Macbook would be cool...

Jason Yeh
Friday at 12:02 AM
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I had ipad and iphone. For me, it is quite convenient to learn Russian anytime and anywhere via these devices. The lesson is recorded in clear voice with impact file sizes which means a great design for these Apple devices.

Thursday at 11:35 PM
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I love the Russian language but studying it on my own has been very hard. As much as I seem to learn, it tends to slip out of my memory just as quickly. Russianpod101 has been a useful tool, it's so much better to listen and read than it is to simply read my textbooks. Carrying the lessons on my ipod has been useful as I can carry it along and learn as I run around campus between classes, I also play them in the car over and over through my commute. I just want to thank you tremendously for your help. I'll be going to Moscow this January and am ever so excited. With this site's help I should be able to survive my trip in Russia. Thanks!

Thursday at 11:16 PM
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I want the iPad.. I've been working so hard to learn Russian with Russian Pod 101 so I really deserve it all! At least a cool app or something!