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Lesson Transcript

Eric: Must-Know Russian Social Media Phrases Season 1. Lesson 3 - Playing Sports.
Eric: Hi everyone, I'm Eric.
Elena: And I'm Elena.
Eric: In this lesson, you'll learn how to post and leave comments in Russian about playing sports. Pasha plays beach volleyball with his friends at the beach, posts an image of it, and leaves this comment:
Elena: Мы победим!
Eric: Meaning "We will win!" Listen to a reading of the post and the comments that follow.

Lesson conversation

(clicking sound)
Паша: Мы победим!
(clicking sound)
Марина: Удачи!
Иван Петрович: Какой счет?
Юра: Продули или нет?
Аня: Надеюсь, не будет дождя.
Eric: Listen again with the English translation.
(clicking sound)
Паша: Мы победим!
Eric: "We will win!"
(clicking sound)
Марина: Удачи!
Eric: "Good luck!"
Иван Петрович: Какой счет?
Eric: "What's the score?"
Юра: Продули или нет?
Eric: "Did you lose or not?"
Аня: Надеюсь, не будет дождя.
Eric: "I hope it won’t rain."
Eric: Listen to Pasha's post again.
Elena: Мы победим!
Eric: "We will win!"
Elena: (SLOW) Мы победим! (Regular) Мы победим!
Eric: Let's break this down. First is a pronoun meaning "We."
Elena: Мы (My)
Eric: Here we have the pronoun that means "we." Listen again. "We" is...
Elena: (SLOW) Мы (My) (REGULAR) Мы (My)
Eric: Then comes the phrase - "will win."
Elena: победим (pabedim)
Eric: This word means "will win" in the future tense. It’s derived from the word meaning “victory,” which in Russian is..
Elena: победа
Eric: Listen again- "will win" is...
Elena: (SLOW) победим (pabedim) (REGULAR) победим (pabedim)
Eric: All together, "We will win!"
Elena: Мы победим!
Eric: In response, Pasha's friends leave some comments.
Eric: His girlfriend, Марина (Marina), uses an expression meaning "Good luck!"
Elena: (SLOW) Удачи! (REGULAR) Удачи!
Elena: Удачи!
Eric: Use this expression to wish someone success.
Eric: His supervisor, Иван Петрович (Ivan Petrovich), uses an expression meaning "What's the score?"
Elena: (SLOW) Какой счет? (REGULAR) Какой счет?
Elena: Какой счет?
Eric: Use this expression to ask for details about a score.
Eric: His nephew, Юра (Yura), uses an expression meaning "Did you lose or not?"
Elena: (SLOW) Продули или нет? (REGULAR) Продули или нет?
Elena: Продули или нет?
Eric: Use this expression to show you are feeling cynical, if, for example, you don't believe someone will win a sports game.
Eric: His high school friend, Аня (Anya), uses an expression meaning "I hope it won’t rain."
Elena: (SLOW) Надеюсь, не будет дождя. (REGULAR) Надеюсь, не будет дождя.
Elena: Надеюсь, не будет дождя.
Eric: Use this expression to show you are feeling optimistic, hoping that the weather will be good.


Eric: Okay, that's all for this lesson. If a friend posted something about playing sports, which phrase would you use? Leave a comment letting us know, and we’ll see you next time!
Elena: Пока (Paka)