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Lesson Transcript

Eric: Must-Know Russian Social Media Phrases Season 1. Lesson 16 - Going on a Trip.
Eric: Hi everyone, I'm Eric.
Elena: And I'm Elena.
Eric: In this lesson, you'll learn how to post and leave comments in Russian about being at the airport, waiting for a flight. Marina waits at the airport for her flight, posts an image of it, and leaves this comment-
Elena: Наконец-то отпуск!
Eric: Meaning "Finally, vacation!" Listen to a reading of the post and the comments that follow.
(clicking sound)
Марина: Наконец-то отпуск!
(clicking sound)
Ира: Счастливого пути!
Оксана: Хорошего отдыха!
Иван Петрович: Куда летите?
Денис: Когда вернетесь?
Eric: Listen again with the English translation.
(clicking sound)
Марина: Наконец-то отпуск!
Eric: "Finally, vacation!"
(clicking sound)
Ира: Счастливого пути!
Eric: "Have a good trip!"
Оксана: Хорошего отдыха!
Eric: "Have a nice rest!"
Иван Петрович: Куда летите?
Eric: "Where are you flying to?"
Денис: Когда вернетесь?
Eric: "When will you return?"
Eric: Listen to Марина (Marina)'s post again.
Elena: Наконец-то отпуск!
Eric: "Finally vacation!"
Elena: (SLOW) Наконец-то отпуск! (Regular) Наконец-то отпуск!
Eric: Let's break this down. First is a word meaning "Finally."
Elena: Наконец-то (nakanets-ta)
Eric: You can use this word to express that something has finally happened after a long wait or after going through some difficulty. Listen again. "Finally" is...
Elena: (SLOW) Наконец-то (nakanets-ta) (REGULAR) Наконец-то (nakanets-ta)
Eric: Then comes the noun "vacation."
Elena: отпуск (otpusk)
Eric: You can use this word only when you talk about paid days off that you get as an employee. You can’t use it to mean school vacation. Listen again. "Vacation" is...
Elena: (SLOW) отпуск (otpusk) (REGULAR) отпуск (otpusk)
Eric: All together, "Finally, vacation!"
Elena: Наконец-то отпуск!
Eric: In response, Марина (Marina)'s friends leave some comments.
Eric: Her neighbor, Ира (Ira), uses an expression meaning "Have a good trip!"
Elena: (SLOW) Счастливого пути! (REGULAR) Счастливого пути!
Elena: Счастливого пути!
Eric: Use this expression to wish someone a good trip.
Eric: Her high school friend, Оксана (Oksana), uses an expression meaning "Have a nice rest!"
Elena: (SLOW) Хорошего отдыха! (REGULAR) Хорошего отдыха!
Elena: Хорошего отдыха!
Eric: Use this expression to wish someone a relaxing time.
Eric: Her supervisor, Иван Петрович (Ivan Petrovich), uses an expression meaning "Where are you flying to?"
Elena: (SLOW) Куда летите? (REGULAR) Куда летите?
Elena: Куда летите?
Eric: Use this expression to ask for more details.
Eric: Her college friend, Денис (Denis), uses an expression meaning "When will you return?"
Elena: (SLOW) Когда вернетесь? (REGULAR) Когда вернетесь?
Elena: Когда вернетесь?
Eric: Use this expression to ask for more details.


Eric: Okay, that's all for this lesson. If a friend posted something about being at the airport, waiting for a flight, which phrase would you use? Leave a comment letting us know, and we'll see you next time!
Elena: Пока (Paka)