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Lesson Transcript

Привет всем! Hi everyone, it’s me Katyusha and Russian holiday words. Today we are going to be talking about Knowledge Day.
День знаний (Den’ znaniy) - Knowledge Day.
So the Knowledge Day is the first day you visit your school. It’s kind of introduction and it’s like meeting your teachers, meeting your schoolmates.
Мы празднуем День знаний в сентябре. (My praznuem den’ znaniy v sentyabre). - We celebrate knowledge day in September.
Учебный год (uchebnyy god) - Academic or school year.
День знаний станет первым днём моего нового учебного года. (Den’ znaniy stanet pervym dnyom maevo novava uchebnava goda). - Knowledge Day will be at the beginning of my new academic year.
Первый звонок (pervyy zvanok) - First bell.
Первый (pervyy) - first, звонок (zvanok) bell.
The first bell is when one of the graduating students will take their first grade student on his shoulder or maybe like in hands and the small kid will ring the bell which kind of opens a new academic year for the whole school.
Звонок колокольчика является первым звонком нового академического года. (Zvanok kalakol’chika yavlyaetsya pervym zvankom novava akademicheskava goda). The bells chime is the first bell of the new school year.
Учащиеся выпускных классов (uchashchiesya vypusknykh klassov) - graduating students.
Graduating students will congratulate the teachers and the first grade students of the school thereby giving flowers or showing their respect to the teachers and saying good words to young ones.
Учащиеся выпускных классов подарили учетелям цветы. (Uchashchiesya vypusknykh klassov podarili uchetilyam tsvety). - Graduating students give flowers to the teachers.
Учителя (uchitelya) - Teachers.
Учителя будут красиво выглядеть на День знаний. (Uchitelya budut krasiva vyglyadet’ na Den’ znaniy). - Teachers will dress up on Knowledge Day.
Today we are talking about Knowledge Day and now you have more knowledge about the Knowledge day, congratulations. So maybe next time when you go to school, you want to give your teacher some flowers. You never know, well it was a Russian way of going to the school on the first day. It was me Katyusha and don’t forget to check the site. Talk to you later. Пока, пока!


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