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Lesson Transcript

Привет, привет! Hi my name is Katyusha and I am here with you to explain few Russian holidays. Our national holiday today is Russia Day, the Day of Russia. Now what is it and when is it? Usually it’s in June 12th. As you know after collapse of Soviet Union, many countries got apart and this day literally Russia became independent from all the other countries. So now, we celebrate this huge important holiday by going to the Red Square and you can hear like the speech of the president, we can have parade, some things going on in the square and after that, the president will give some awards of Russia Federation. In the end, there is like huge fireworks. I am Russian yeay. Now let’s check our words for this holiday.
День России (Den’ Rassii) - Russia Day.
We are celebrating Russia Day since 1990. - Мы празднуем день России с 1990 года. (My praznuem den’ Rassii s tysyacha devyatsot devyanostava goda).
The next word is Распад Советского Союза (raspad Savetskova Sayuza) or Распад СССР (raspad SSSR) collapse of USSR.
I was young, so I don’t really remember the collapse of USSR. - Я была маленькая и я плохо помню распад Советского Союза. (Ya byla malen’kaya i ya ploha pomnyu raspad Savetskova Sayuza)
Федерация (federatsiya) - Federation.
Russia Day is a day when Russian Federation was formed. - День России - это день, когда образовалась Российская Федерация. (Den’ Rassii - eta den’, kogda obrazovalas’ Rassiyskaya Federatsiya.)
Салют (salyut) - firework.
You can see fireworks from the Red Square on June 12. - Ты можешь посмотреть на салют на Красной площади 12 июня. (Ty mozhesh pasmatret’ na salyut na Krasnoy ploshchadi dvenatsatava iyunya.)
The next word is концерт (kontsert) concert.
My grandmother is taking me to the concert. Моя бабушка ведёт меня на концерт. (Maya babushka vedyot menya na kontsert).
The next word is the end. Now I hope you enjoyed our important Russian holiday which was a Russia Day and maybe try and come over to Moscow and try to celebrate it. Now I will see you later. Don’t forget to check our site. Пока, пока!


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