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To master what you've learned
To understand everything the second you hear it
To read with just a quick glance,
And to speak smoothly, without thinking...
You need to review!
Here are 5 review tactics and learning tools to help you
1. Listen to lines over and over again!
By listening closely and often, you start to pick up the rhythm of a language
And pronunciation from a native speaker!
Use the line-by-line feature that lets you listen, and read along
As many times as you'd like!
2. Use a voice-recording tool to perfect pronunciation.
Record yourself and compare against a fluent speaker
If you sound different, repeat after the fluent speaker until it matches
Use our voice-recording feature that makes recording super easy!
3. Master recorded conversations.
Record conversations and go over them again and again
Have entire conversations mastered and repeat them line by line
Use any dialogues available for download on the website!
And they also come with trascripts of the entire conversation
4. Use mobile devices to reinforce previously learned conversations.
Constant review is the best, and only, way to perfect your learning language
Download the recorded dialogue to your mobile device
And incorporate it into your music playlist
Quick reviews throughout a day reinforce what you've learned effectively!
5. Read with line by line notes
Read along with a native to really master pronunciation and natural conversation
You should start slow at first, then slowly increase the speed
Your pronunciation will become more intuitive
...and your ability to understand fluent speakers will greatly increase!
You'll improve your communication by using these 5 simple review techniques
You'll be able to casually listen and understand everything!
And remember, if you're interested in getting all those review tools
Sign up for your free lifetime account
NO Money, NO Credit Card required
Start Learning Now!


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Thank's for the tips, I think it's helpfull to have this kind of advices during the learning process.

If I can make a suggestion, I'd find it usefull to uniformize the functionnalities on all Vocabulary tools (dictionary, flashcard desk, words bank, vocabulary lists, word of the day, and vocabulary section in the lessons).

Example : the button to listen with lower speed and to record myself is present on lessons and vocabulary lists, but not in flashcard desk. the exemples are present of flashcard desk session, but not in desk review mode.