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Lesson Transcript

Привет Всем. С Вами Светлана. Hi everybody! I’m Svetlana.
Welcome to RussianPod101.com’s Русский язык за три минуты. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Russian.
In the last lesson we learned the phrase Сколько это стоит? How much is it? In this lesson we’re going to see how we could answer that question by learning how to count in Russian money.
The basic unit of the Russian currency is the ruble. We also have coins called копейкa.
Let’s try saying prices in Russian. We’ll start by saying "26 Rubles and 55 kopeikas ".
двадцать шесть рублей пятьдесят пять копеек.
[slowly] двадцать шесть рублей пятьдесят пять копеек
Kopeika is the equivalent to an American cent. Одна копейка is the minimal denominational value in Russian currency. Сто копеек, 100 koreikas, equals one ruble.
Currently Russia has 6 types of banknotes (10 Rubles, 50 Rubles, 100 Rubles, 500 Rubles, 1000 Rubles, and 5000 Rubles) and 7 types of coins (1 kopeika, 5 kopeikas, 10 kopeikas, 50 kopeikas, 1 Ruble, 5 Rubles, 10 Rubles).
Let’s try another example:
"34 rubles and 60 kopeikas."
Тридцать четыре рубля шестьдесят копеек.
[slowly] Тридцать четыре рубля шестьдесят копеек.
Get ready for the next example. This one’s longer:
"99 rubles and 99 kopeikas."
Девяносто девять рублей девятосто девять копеек.
[slowly] Девяносто девять рублей девятосто девять копеек.
It seems a bit difficult at first but I am sure you can master it with practice.
And I have good news for you - there’s a simplified way to say prices in Russian! It’s a little bit informal, but widely used in daily conversation. So if you want to say "34 rubles and 60 kopeikas", you simply drop the words rubles and kopeikas and just say Тридцать четыре шестьдесят, using intonation to separate the words Тридцать четыре and шестьдесят.
It’s so easy, right? All you need in this case are numbers.
Now it’s time for Svetlana’s tips .
When you go to Russia, you will have to use rubles in most places. Foreign currency usually won’t be accepted in cafes, restaurants, shops, and so on. Even though many Russians keep their savings in dollars and euros, they don't use these currencies at all in daily life.
You can exchange your money in most banks, or currency exchange kiosks found in hotels, airports and train stations. Another possible solution is to ask friends if they need to exchange money to your currency. In this case you can negotiate the rate and make a better deal compared to official bank rates.
Do you know how to talk about your schedule and availability in Russian? If not, I’ll see you in the next Русский язык за три минуты lesson!
Пока Пока!!