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Lesson Transcript

Привет Всем. С Вами Светлана. Hi everybody! I’m Svetlana.
Welcome to RussianPod101.com’s Русский язык за три минуты. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Russian.
In the last lesson we learned how to count in Russian. I hope you spent some time practicing the numbers, because they will come in handy in this lesson! Now we’re going to learn how to go shopping in Russia.
So, you see something you like, and you want to ask the shop assistant how much it is. The first thing to say is…Извините. Do you remember the meaning? Right! "Excuse me!"
Извините, сколько это стоит?
[slowly] Извините, сколько это стоит?
Let’s break it down to work out the meaning of the new words. Сколько means “how much” or “how many”. As you can see, it can be used both with countable nouns, like people, and uncountable nouns, like time. The next word is это, which means “this” or “that”. And the last one is стоит, “cost”.
If you want to be more specific when asking "how much is this?" and refer to a certain type of object, you just need to drop the word это and place the object after the verb стоит.
For example: Сколько стоит хлеб? How much is the bread? or Сколько стоит мороженное? How much is the ice-cream?
But remember that Russian verbs change according to the noun. In this case we have to be careful about using the the nouns in plural and singular forms.
For example, if we use the noun "candies" which is plural, the verb will change.
Извините, сколько стоят конфеты? "Excuse me, how much are the candies?"
[slowly] Извините, сколько стоят конфеты?
As you might already know, the national currency in Russia is rubles, рубль. or рубли in the plural.
So now let’s hear the shop clerk’s answer.
He or she could answer by saying:
Хлеб стоит двадцать рублей!
Мороженное стоит 15 рублей !
Конфеты стоят пятьдесят рублей!
Here come our numbers. I am sure you remember them and can easily understand the answer.
Good job!
Now it’s time for Svetlana’s tips.
The prices in big shopping malls and department stores are mostly fixed. These shops may have some seasonal discounts or campaigns. But the prices in Russian markets, рынок or базар, are very flexible - they really depend on your speaking and bargaining skills! People at these places are generally very open and friendly, and usually more than happy to find the most appropriate price to please both sides. They might even invite you in to have a drink!
But always be aware of pickpockets and thieves. There are a lot of them in Russian markets.
Do you know how to use Russian currency? We are going to learn how to do this and much more in the next lesson!
I will see you soon in our next Русский язык за три минуты lesson.
Пока пока !!