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Lesson Transcript

Всем привет. С вами Светлана.
Hi everybody! I'm Svetlana.
Welcome to RussianPod101.com , Русский язык за три минуты. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Russian.
In the last lesson, we learned how to introduce ourselves in Russian. Today we’re going to learn how to thank people politely.
Готовы? Are you ready? Поехали! Then let's start!
There are several ways to thank someone. Let's start with the most common phrase:
[slowly] Спасибо
Спасибо means "thank you".
To say "thank you very much," you just need to add Большое in front of it:
Большое спасибо
[slowly] Большое спасибо
Большое means "Big". In context, Большое спасибо literally means "Big thanks."
So, when someone thanks you, how should you answer? There are several ways to respond.
One, which is fairly close in translation to the English phrase "You're welcome", is “Пожалуйста”. It is very common in Russian, but we also quite often use another phrase: “Не за что,” which means “not at all”.
The word “Пожалуйста” means something like “Please” in English
[slowly] “Пожалуйста”
In English it sounds a little bit strange to say “please” when somebody thanks you, right?
But in Russian, by using this word you are saying that you are “pleased” to have been helpful.
Не за что means more or less the same thing as Пожалуйста, but offers a little more courtesy. Say “Не за что”
[slowly] “Не за что”
Now it's time for Svetlana’s tips.
When saying “thank you,” in Russia, body language is very important. Спасибо is a universal word and can be used in both formal and informal cases. You can make it sound more formal just by changing your intonation. Спасибо! Friends usually act more openly and even slap each other on the shoulder. In any case, it is very important that your thanks be accompanied with a smile and, again, direct eye contact.
Good job. That’s it for this lesson.
By the way, do you know what До свидания means? In our next lesson you'll learn this and more other greetings in Russian.
Всем спасибо. Пока пока.


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Friday at 11:45 PM
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Здравствуйте robert groulx,

Thank you for posting and studying with us. If you have any questions, please let us know. 😄

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Team RussianPod101.com

robert groulx
Wednesday at 12:38 AM
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thank you for the lesson transcript

] Спасибо means "thank you"


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Wednesday at 12:49 AM
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Hello Peter,

Basically should be [a], and small variations (is it clear [a] or not so clear) depend on a speaker. 😄


Team RussianPod101.com

Wednesday at 07:25 PM
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When I listen to the pronounciation of the sentence Не за что, I hear the last letter as an "a", but when I listen to it at half speed, it sounds mor like an"o". Why the difference? and which one is correct?

Thank you for your help. Your courses are great and help a lot more than just using a text book.

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Saturday at 07:06 PM
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Hi Sukumar,

Thank you for your positive feedback on the video lesson!

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.



Team RussianPod101.com

Saturday at 05:46 PM
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Spasiba for the video. helpful

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Monday at 10:14 PM
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Hello Tammy,

Thanks for posting!

We're glad you're enjoying to study Russian with us.:wink:

Please let us know in case you have any doubts.



Tammy Bryant
Monday at 06:45 AM
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I am enjoying your videos of the Russian language. I am taking Russian at college to meet my degree requirement. My grandmother was Russian and she knew the language and never taught us. I am very excited to learn, as I have been studying for many years in my leisure time. However, it can be overwhelming when in the classroom. Russian Pod 101 is a nice addition to the class.

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Thursday at 11:17 AM
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Hello Taha,

Thank you for posting.

How about starting from Ultimate pronunciation guide, Alphabet, and all our series for absolute beginner?

We hope you liked this lesson too.

Let us know if you have any question.



Team RussianPod101.com

Sunday at 01:34 PM
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Hie I am aspiring to come to Russia for my Studies in Medicine. What Should i do to Russian Language within a month..??... Atleast the basic