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Monday at 6:30 pm
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Wednesday at 5:44 pm
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Hi Eman,

Thank you for your comment.

We are glad to hear that you decided to start learning Russian!

Just study your lessons and you will go far :sunglasses:



Team RussianPod101.com

Wednesday at 10:09 pm
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I start here to learn Russian , it's my first step for learning the language and I found the site is a great material . keep good work and thank you all . I hope to soak the language because i'm absolute beginner .

Friday at 10:44 pm
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Is it perhaps possible that once a week there could be an intermediate/advanced level lesson? All the lessons so far are all beginner first year level.

Thursday at 6:18 pm
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Really enjoying the site - there really are very few gripes, it's a great tool!

Thanks for all your hard work.


Wednesday at 1:02 pm
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Hey Rich,

Thanks for the feedback. That's a great point.

We are trying to iron out all the small problems like that,

and thanks to people like you, our site will be more user friendly for everyone.

I will let our tech team know.

Thanks again and we are happy you like the new features.


Tuesday at 6:27 am
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Great new feature, I noticed it before the news podcast :grin:

One little gripe - on the fill-in-the-blank questions, there's too much room for variation with some questions. For instance, in lesson 6 in the grammar expansion questions, I had to translate 'У тебя есть...?' into English. I typed 'Do you have...?' and got it wrong, as the English answer given as correct had one full stop less (despite the Russian version having three full stops). I felt a bit cheated as I'd got the question right, just not typed it exactly as the program had it listed.

Apart from that, brilliant! :grin: