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Lesson Transcript

Welcome to Introduction to Russian.
My name is Alisha and I'm joined by...
Hi everyone! I'm Katya.
In this lesson, we'll focus on teaching you the most useful Russian words and phrases for absolute beginners!
Make sure you're repeating the words out loud after I say the examples!
Are you ready? Let's get started!
Saying Hello
Do you remember how to greet someone in Russian?
We taught you this phrase in the very first lesson of this series. Can you recall what it was?
Здравствуйте! (Zdrastvuyte (zdrˈastvʊjtʲɪ)) (“Hello!”)
It's a common greeting that's used not only in Russia, but many Slavic countries.
Now, you try.
To greet a friend more casually, you can say:
Привет! (Privet! (prʲɪvʲˈet))
Try it!
To greet someone more specifically, you can say:
Доброе утро! (Dobraye utra!)
Which means, “Good morning!”
Доброе утро!
Добрый день! (Dobryy den'!)
meaning “Good day!”
Добрый день!
Добрый вечер! (Dobryy vecher!)
meaning “Good evening!”
Добрый вечер!
Saying Thank You
One of the most useful phrases to learn, is one that expresses gratitude. Let's learn how to say “thank you” in Russian!
Спасибо! (Spasiba!)
Try it!
This expression is derived from two words, Спаси (Spasi) meaning "Save" and Бог (Bog) meaning "God." It literally means "save God," but this expression no longer has any religious connotations, and is used to simply express gratitude.
Repeat it one more time.
How to Apologize
The next phrase we'll teach you is perhaps the second most useful phrase of all. It's to apologize or to excuse yourself.
If you are apologetic for disturbing someone to make a request, you can say:
Извините (Izvinite)meaning "sorry" or
Извините, пожалуйста (Izvinite, pazhalusta)
meaning "excuse me, please"
Try it!
Извините, пожалуйста
Извините, пожалуйста
If you want to apologize for something you've done, such as stepping on someone's toes, or bumping into someone, you can excuse yourself by saying:
Простите (Prastite)
meaning "forgive me"
or Прошу прощения (Prashu prashcheniya)
meaning "I am sorry."
Try it!
Прошу прощения
Прошу прощения
In this final lesson, you learned how to greet someone, express gratitude, how to excuse yourself, and to apologize.
And in this series, we introduced you to the basics of Russian pronunciation, grammar, writing, and more.
Let's conclude with some parting advice from Katya, and listen to some of her tips on how to learn Russian from a native Russian perspective.
Parting Advice - Insider Knowledge
The sounds and pronunciation of a new language are always a huge stumbling block for new learners. I suggest getting familiar and practicing these sounds aloud from the very beginning so that you get used to Russian pronunciation.
The key is to repeat them ALOUD. It's not enough to just sit idly, expecting to improve when it comes to pronunciation. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Russian Pronunciation to start perfecting your Russian as soon as possible.
Another tip I recommend, is to immerse yourself in Russian pop-culture. Russians are funny people, and there are thousands and thousands of entertaining videos for you to watch online. Be entertained while familiarizing yourself with Russian mannerisms, speech patterns, and intonation.
Watching contemporary Russian videos, like our videos here at RussianPod101.com, will ensure that you're learning real, everyday Russian, in the fastest and most effective way.
You've reached the end of this Introduction to Russian course, but it's only the beginning of your journey to Russian fluency! Where do you go from here? Try our Ultimate Guide to Russian Pronunciation series to start familiarizing yourself with Russian sounds, and perfect your Russian pronunciation! Or check out any of our other video series. We have many different categories for you to choose from.
Good luck as you continue learning Russian, and I'll see you in another video!