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Lesson Transcript

Erik: Hello, Eric here and welcome back to RussianPod101.com. A fast, easy and fun way to learn Russian. Of course, I’m joined here by Ana.
Anna: Привет, меня зовут Ана. Hello, I’m Ana. Great to have you back.
Erik: This audio lesson is part two of our three part introduction series on RussianPod101.com
Anna: Now, please don’t forget. The audio lesson is just one part of our powerful language learning system.
Erik: In part one, we introduced you to our system and explained you how can you use it to learn Russian at your own pace.
Anna: We also showed you some of our system’s powerful tools and how they work together with audio lessons.
Erik: Today we’re going to present another audio lesson and how to use some of the system tools to master every part of it.
Anna: In this lesson, we’ll learn how to make a perfect self-introduction in Russian.
Erik: That’s right, Ana! Hey, and if you think it won’t work, no worries! We’ll teach you how to make a first impression that wows by using just four parts of our system.
Anna: We mean really, really impressed.
Erik: So, if you haven’t done so already, go to RussianPod101.com and sign up for a free lifetime account. To perfect this lesson, you’re going to need the lesson notes.
Anna: The line by line audio.
Erik: And, the review track from the sites. Okay, it’s time to learn how to flawlessly introduce yourself in Russian. Okay Ana, can you introduce the conversation?
Anna: This conversation is between two people, meeting for the first time.
Erik: And when two people meet for the first time?
Anna: They introduce themselves.
Erik: That’s right. The conversation takes place at?
Anna: A reception or party in Moscow.
Erik: And the conversation is between people who met for the first time.
Anna: So, we’ll be using polite language.
Erik: This is a dialogue you can use whenever you meet someone for the first time. All right, let’s listen to the conversation!
Anna: Здравствуйте. Меня зовут Анна.
Erik: Здравствуйте, Анна. Я - Эрик.
Anna: Очень приятно, Эрик.
Erik: Очень приятно. Now, once time, slowly.
Anna: Здравствуйте. Меня зовут Анна.
Erik: Здравствуйте, Анна. Я - Эрик.
Anna: Очень приятно, Эрик.
Erik: Очень приятно. This time with the translation.
Anna: Здравствуйте. Меня зовут Анна.
Erik: “Hello, my name is Ana.”
Anna: Здравствуйте, Анна. Я - Эрик.
Erik: “Hello, Ana. I’m Eric.”
Anna: Очень приятно, Эрик.
Erik: “Nice to meet you, Eric.”
Anna: Очень приятно.
Erik: “Nice to meet you, too.”
Erik: Today we’re working on self-introductions. Now, this is the standard greeting when you meet someone for the first time.
Anna: If you need to listen to the dialogue again, we’ll have it once more at the end of this audio file so that you reinforce everything we went over in this lesson.
Erik: We also have the dialogue only track, which is great to download and listen to over and over again, so you can perfect your listening comprehension and reinforce sentence structures.
Anna: We also have line by line audio in our learning center, which is a great way to listen to one line at a time until you perfect your pronunciation. Memorize the word and phrases and master the patterns so you can use the same lines in actual conversation.
Erik: Okay Ana, let’s take a look at this dialogue and break it down. What do we have first?

Lesson focus

Anna: Здравствуйте.
Erik: Which means “Hello”. Can you break it down for us?
Anna: Sure. Здравствуйте.
Erik: And this is a polite way to say “Hello”, it works in the day, afternoon, night, just whenever you say “Hello” in English you can say Здравствуйте in Russian.
Anna: Right, Eric. And if you want to be more casual, you can just say Привет.
Erik: And who do you use Привет with?
Anna: With close friends or family.
Erik: All right. So, basically it’s towards people you’re unfamiliar terms with. Ana, can you help us break down that word?
Anna: Привет. Привет.
Erik: Great. And what do we have next?
Anna: Меня зовут Анна.
Erik: Which means “My name is…”
Anna: Ana.
Erik: There it is. Let’s break down that sentence and start with the first part. The first part is?
Anna: Меня
Erik: Or “mine”?
Anna: Меня, Меня
Erik: And after that is?
Anna: зовут
Erik: And “called”, in this context, “name” or “name is”.
Anna: зовут, зовут
Erik: And this comes from the verb?
Anna: звать. зовут
Erik: Is a conjugated form of?
Anna: звать
Erik: Which translates as English, “to call” and in this context, since there’s no “is” in Russian, the verb –
Anna: звать
Erik: - can be translated as “name is”. Conjugation is, of course, a big part in Russian grammar.
Anna: That’s right, Eric. But for all listeners, we have the grammar bank. There we have an explication of grammar and, of course, we have an explication of Russian conjugations.
Erik: But not just on conjugations. We have hundreds of entries on Russian grammar.
Anna: Basically any question you have on Russian grammar, you can find the answer in the grammar bank at RussianPod101.com.
Erik: Yes, it’s great to refer to whenever you have a grammar question. And Ana, I have question actually. How do you introduce yourself again?
Anna: Привет. Меня зовут Анна. Hello, my name is Ana.
Erik: Thank you, Ana. And if our listeners wanted to introduce themselves, they can just follow the same pattern and replace the name unless, of course, your name is Ana.
Anna: Yes.
Erik: Okay, for example, I would say Привет. Меня зовут Эрик.
Anna: Right, Eric. You can say that using an even simpler phrase.
Erik: Yes, you can just say, for example, Привет, Я - Эрик which literally translates as “I Eric”, in Russian, the verb “to be” is usually omitted, making life much easier.
Anna: Hence, to practice that, we have a great tool at RussianPod101.com
Erik: The review track has the lesson’s vocabulary words and phrases that are specifically designed to have you speaking right away with a proper pronunciation.
Anna: This is the perfect tool to use to perfect your pronunciation. Okay, let’s move on the last part of our introduction.
Erik: Sure, what do we have?
Anna: We have Очень приятно in this phrase, Очень translates as “very” and приятно translates as “pleasant” or “nice”.
Erik: And this phrase is used when you meet someone for the first time. It means “I’m pleased to meet you” or “Nice to meet you”.
Anna: Right, Eric. The vocabulary list in our premium learning center has all the phrases of this lesson and the best part is that they have sound clips so you can listen to them and perfect your pronunciation.
Erik: Russian pronunciation is not so hard. It’s – it can be hard. But, when you’re learning with this system, we’ve got it all here at RussianPod101.com.
Anna: You’re so right, Eric. With our system, our listener’s Russian will be taken from zero to hero.
Erik: Really, Ana? They’ll be taken to a hero status.
Anna: I believe so, Eric.
Erik: Okay. Even if you now sound Russian, it’s still a great place to reinforce the foundation you already have.
Anna: Our system will boost your Russian instantly. All right, that was a great lesson!
Erik: Yes! We are awesome!


Anna: Okay, Eric. Enough for our listeners. Please stop by our site!
Erik: RussianPod101.com
Anna: And leave us a comment.
Erik: And please, introduce yourself.
Anna: So, I guess we’ll see our listeners at RussianPod101.com
Erik: See you there!
Anna: Пока!
Anna: Здравствуй. Меня зовут Анна
Erik: Привет, Анна. Я - Эрик
Anna: Очень приятно, Эрик
Erik: Очень приятно


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