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Lesson Transcript

Oksana: [Здравствуйте, меня зовут Оксана]. Hello! My name is Oksana and here I am to introduce you to the next Russian proverb which I’m sure you’ve used a lot and you’ll be using much more in your life. The only difference is that now you’ll be able to say it in Russian.
Oksana: The proverb is: [Лучше поздно, чем никогда]. Luckily for us, it has the exact same literal equivalent in English: “Better late, than never!”. So, do you agree that it’s always better to do something even if it’s late than not do it at all? I have a similar saying in my mind now: “Better regret of what is done, than what is not!”. It always serves me as a backup if I’m hesitating to follow the wisdom of better late than never.
Oksana: Let’s break down this phrase: [Лучше] means “better”, [лучше]. The next word is [поздно] – “late”. [Поздно]. The third word is [чем] which means “than”. [Чем]. And, the last word: [никогда] – “never”. [Никогда]. As you see, each word’s literal translation matches the English variant perfectly. It’s hard to say whether the Russians adopted this proverb from a foreign version or if it’s that people think alike all over the world. The point is, the proverb seems to reflect a universal idea about taking actions in life. Therefore, it’s worth remembering. Let’s listen to it again: [Лучше поздно, чем никогда]. So, [Лучше поздно, чем никогда] to learn Russian and travel to Russia. [До встречи!]. See you soon!