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Lesson Transcript

Привет всем!(Privet fvem)! Hello everyone, and you are here with me Katyusha and ten Phrases You Always Want to Hear. So let’s find out.
1. Бюджет неограничен. (Byudzhet neagranichen.) "The budget is unlimited."
Yoohoo! Okay, guys, bye, go to shopping!
2. В конце месяца будет бонус. (F kantse mesyatsa budet bonus.) "There will be a bonus at the end of this month."
Nice! В конце месяца будет бонус. (F kantse mesyatsa budet bonus.)
Let’s go drinking, guys!
3. Вы были правы. (Vy byli pravy.) "You were right."
And you should say this phrase to women a lot. “Darling, you were right.”
Дорогая, ты была права. (Daragaya, ty byla prava.)
4. Вы проделали огромную работу. (Vy pradelali agromnuyu rabotu.) "You did a great job."
Вы проделали огромную работу. Спасибо Вам. (Vy pradelali agromnuyu rabotu. Spasiba Vam.) “You did a great job. Thank you very much.”
5. Вы сегодня прекрасно выглядите. (Vy sevodnya prekrasna vyglyadite.) "You look great today."
You look great today, you look gorgeous today. I am ready to hear it every day. Now please tell me, tell me more.
Вы сегодня прекрасно выглядите. (Vy sevodnya prekrasna vyglyadite.) You all, you watching. You look great.
6. И вы выигрываете! (I vy vyigryvayete!) "And you win!"
I don’t know what it is but you win, you win, you win. И вы выигрываете! (I vy vyigryvayete!)
Okay let’s move to the next one.
7. Отдохни, сегодня я сделаю уборку. (Addakhni, sevodnya ya sdelayu uborku.) "Take a break. I'll do the cleaning today."
Take a break darling, I will do the cleaning today. Well I would love my boyfriend to tell me that.
8. Ты превосходно готовишь. (Ty prevaskhodna gatovish'.) "You're an excellent cook."
You are great cook, you are excellent cook.
Okay I am not going to speak while I am eating anymore.
So you are an excellent cook. I love your cooking. You should cook for me more.
9. Я принес Вам кое-что особенное. (Ya prines Vam koye-shto asobennaye.) "I brought you something special."
Umm what is it? What could that be? Something special… umm… some cake?
10. Я скучаю по тебе. (Ya skuchayu pa tebe.) "I miss you."
Or you can say “I miss my country.” Я скучаю по Родине. (Ya skuchayu pa Rodine.)
This is it. I am going to go shopping now and I hope I will meet you next time and so don’t forget to subscribe and find out some other words and phrases with me Katyusha, пока пока (paka-paka)!