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Lesson Transcript

Привет(privet)! Hey, hello it’s me Katyusha again with you and are you ready for the 10 hardest words to pronounce, 10 hardest words to pronounce it. Russian pronunciation is not easy. So are you ready for the challenge? Now let’s begin.
1. всплыть (vsplut') "come out to the surface"
I bet you can’t say that. I guess what’s difficult about this sound is that V and S come together one after the other. всплыть (vsplut') is swimming or floating. So something comes out from inside the water to the top, to the surface. So всплыть (vsplut’).
Okay? Now you can say this word.
2. днём (dnyom) "in the afternoon"
Well here you have a hard D changing with soft YO So it sounds like (dnyom).
“I prefer having my breakfast in the early afternoon” Я предпочитаю завтракать рано днём. (Ya predpochitayu zavtrakat' rano dnyom.)
3. достопримецчательность (dastaprimechatel'nast') "attraction"
For example, when you are going to Paris somewhere you can see many different tourist attractions. Let’s make a sentence.
“Eiffel Tower is one of the tourist attractions”
Эйфилева башня - одна из турестических достопримечательностей.
(Eyfeleva bashnya - odna iz turesticheskikh dastaprimechatel'nostey.)
Кремль - главная турестическая достопримечательностей Москвы.
(Kreml' - glavnaya turesticheskaya dastaprimechatel'nostey Moskvy.)
“Kremlin is the main tourist attractions in Moscow.”
Did it sound too long? Well sorry, that’s Russian, guys.
4. ёжик (yozhik) "hedgehog"
Этот ёжик такой милый.(Etot yozhik takoy milyy.) “This hedgehog is so cute”
5. Здравствуйте! (Zdrastvuyte!) "Hello"
Actually in the middle of this word, there is a letter V you can see in the writing form but when you say it, it disappears. So instead of Zdravstvuyte we just say Zdrastvuyte. When you see someone for the first time or someone you don’t know, you can say
Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Катя. (Zdrastvuyte! Menya zovut Katya.)
“Hello, my name is Katya.”
6. пожалуйста (pozhalusta) "please"
And this word is usually used in the beginning or in the end of the sentence. So if you want to ask for something, you can say, “give me a receipt, please.”
Дайте мне чек, пожалуйста.(Dayte mne chek, pozhalusta.)
7. преподаватель (prepadavatel') "teacher"
well basically teaching is prepadavnya, or to teach someone is prepadavatel’. Basically to bring your knowledge to someone. “My teacher was late to the class today.”
Сегодня мой преподаватель опоздал на урок. (Segodnya moy prepadavatel' opozdal na urok.)
8. пять (pyat') "five"
“Give me five.” Дай мне пять! (Day mne pyat’!) Yay!
9. Чебурашка (cheburashka) "Cheburashka"
It’s a made up word for the animation character. For example, I used to love watching Cheburashka.
когда я была маленькая, я обожала смотреть чебурашку.
(kogda ya byla malen'kaya, ya obozhala smotret' cheburashka.)
10. шишка (shyshka) "pine cone"
Well, how shall I explain this? It’s like when you try whistling, but you can’t. So you say SHHHHH, you know? And then you just put another SH after, so shyshka. It really helps you. шишка (shyshka).
“There were many pine corns in the forest.”
В лесу было много шишек. (V lesu bylo mnogo shishek.)
Well I am happy you stayed with me, Katyusha, and with 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce in Russian. Hope you could manage the challenge and I will see you again next time. Speak to us and don’t forget to subscribe! пока пока (paka-paka).


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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Which was the hardest one for you?

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Wednesday at 10:35 PM
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Hello Heribert,

Thank you for sharing 😄 Yes, it's really hard.


Team RussianPod101.com

Thursday at 12:05 PM
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Come on. These words are not hard.

Try this: железнодорожная станция

Thursday at 06:33 PM
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Hi Arno,

Thank you for leaving the comment!

In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.👍



Team RussianPod101.com

Thursday at 06:57 AM
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I'd like to add one word - "взгляд" (look, gaze, opinion).

This surely must be Top No. 1!

How could anyone say that word (four consonants + j - vzɡljat) without getting a knot in the tongue??? 😳

I stumbled upon that word when working my way through that beautiful song "Ах Голубая Ночь" (Oh blue night).

By the way - learning with music, so having the words flow in the melody, is also a great and fun way to learn language and vocabulary.

(Though I'm not sure how long the other people in this house can stand it hearing that same song over and over again... yet I hope till the weekend I'll have gotten to the last verse finally... 😄)

Greetings from a happy member of your site,


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Tuesday at 02:14 AM
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Hello Arno,

Yes, they both mean "hedgehog", but "ёжик" sounds tender 😄


Team RussianPod101.com

Wednesday at 05:13 AM
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I have elected "ёжик" among my ten favourite words, I like it very much.

But - in a dictionary and on google translate I find "ёж".

So - are there both words for "hedgehog"?

Thanks and regards,