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Lesson Transcript

Hello friends! My name is Anthony and welcome to Top Words. Today, we are going to be talking about the 10 ways to say hello. Let's start!
And first phrase…
1. Доброе утро. (Dobraye utra.) “Good morning.”
2. Здравствуйте. (Zdrastvuyte.) “Hello.”
If you just want to say hello to someone, you can just say “hello”.
Здравствуйте. (Zdrastvuyte.)
O! Привет! (O! Privet!)
“Hello.” “Oh, hi!”
3. Давно не виделись. (Davno ne videlis'.) “Long time no see. “
If you really have not seen someone for a long time at a meeting, you can say, “Long time no see.” Привет, друг! Давно не виделись. (Privet, druk! Davno ne videlis'.)
Да, рад тебя видеть! (Hey! Da, rat tebya videt'!).
“Hello, friend! Long time no see.”
“Hey! Yes, it’s good to see you!”
4. Как поживаете? (Kak pozhivayete?) “How have you been?”
If you meet with a person, you can ask him, “How have you been?” This will show you’re interested in this person as well as how you’ve been.
Привет, как поживаете, как семья? (Privet, kak pozhyavayete, kak sem'ya?)
Привет! Хорошо, спасибо! А у тебя как? (Privet! Khorosho, spasibol! A u tebya kak?)
“Hi, how have you been? How’s the family?”
“Hey! Yes, all is well, thank you. And you?”
5. Как дела? (Kak dela?) “How are you?”
The phrase “How are you?”, is the same as “How have you been?”, but “How are you?” more often used in speech.
Привет. Как дела? (Privet. Kak dela?) “Hello. How are you?”
6. Как жизнь? (Kak zhyzn'?) “How's it going?”
7. Как прошел день? (Kak prashol den'?) “How's your day?”
This phrase you can say at the meeting at the end of the day. For example, the wife asks her husband about how’s his day at work - Как прошел день? (Kak prashol den'?) “How's your day?”
8. Добрый день. (Dobryy den'.) “Good afternoon.”
So usually a greeting for business correspondence or communication. This phrase is recommended to speak from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
Добрый день. (Dobryy den'.) “Good afternoon.”
9. Добрый вечер. (Dobryy vecher.) “Good evening.”
Good evening is the same as good afternoon, only this phrase should be used after 6:00 pm.
Добрый вечер. (Dobryy vecher.) “Good evening.”
10. Приятно познакомиться. (Priyatna paznakomitsa.) “It's nice to meet you.”
When you get to know a person after you have learned his name, you should say, “Nice to meet you.”. Приятно познакомиться. (Priyatna paznakomitsa.). “Nice to meet you.”
And for today, it’s all. Thank you so much for watching. Today, we have talked about the 10 ways to say hello. How would you say hello to a man before 20:00 pm? Write the answers in the comments and don’t forget to check out RussianPod101.com to learn more Russian. Give this video a thumbs up if you like it. Пока-пока! (Paka-paka!) “Bye-bye!”


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