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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody and it’s me Katya with you and today, our topic is very special, top 10 phrases you’ll need for a date. Let’s go!
1. Не хотела бы ты со мной поужинать? (Ne khatela by ty sa mnoy pauzhynat'?) “Would you like to go out to dinner with me?”
This sentence is addressed for a girl so girls, you should be careful and you should change it a little bit, but it’s perfect for guys asking a girl for a dinner.
2. Ты свободен в эти выходные? (Ty svaboden v eti vykhadnyye?) “Are you free this weekend?”
Now girls, this sentence is addressed for a guy so you can use it freely, but guys be careful. Otherwise, you want to ask another guy if he’s free for a weekend. No problem.
3. Сходим куда-нибудь вместе? (Skhodim kuda-nibut' vmeste?) “Would you like to hang out with me?”
This sentence can be used by a man or a female or just friends. It doesn’t have to be people who want to be in a relationship. Just very easy, you can use it for anyone.
4. Ты такая милая. (Ty takaya milaya.) “You are so cute.”
I’m not sure if you can say this to a girl. It sounds more like you’re saying it to a dog or a cat because it’s cute, cute! The guys can say this if the girl really makes them feel like relaxed, they look at her and they want to smile, but girls can not say this sentence because it’s addressed to a girl unless you want to say a comment to your friend/girlfriend.
5. Выглядишь потрясающе! (Vyglyadish patryasayushche!) “You look great.”
You can say that when somebody looks really amazing like wearing some wedding dress or something really, really great outfit.
6. Это был отличный вечер. (Eta byl atlichnyy vecher.) “That was a great evening.”
And don’t expect to hear thank you after, Russians!
7. Я тебе позвоню. (Ya tebe pazvanyu.) “I'll call you.”
Don’t believe that.
8. Я отвезу тебя домой. (Ya atvezu tebya damoy.) “I'll drive you home.”
You can use this sentence for any gender, no problem!
9. Во сколько завтра встретимся? (Va skol'ka zavtra fstretimsya?) “What time shall we meet tomorrow?”
We’re going to meet tomorrow right?
10. Мы увидимся снова? (My uvidimsya snova?) “Can I see you again?”
Может, пойдём куда-нибудь ещё? (Mozhet, paydyom kuda-nibut' eshcho?) “Shall we go somewhere else?” like movies, bowling, totally usable.
So it was top 10 phrases you’ll need for a date with me Katya helping you say it out. So don’t hesitate, go for it! I’ll see you in the next lesson. Пока-пока! (Paka-paka!)


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